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Thermashield Wrap is an excellent insulation wrap solution for protecting components against extreme radiant heat. With maximum flexibility to ease installation, it can be sliced to fit any odd shaped connector or termination. Thermashield Wrap can actually be cut with scissors. Anyone, including laymen, can install this aluminum cloth wrap.

This heavy duty wrap is engineered from fiberglass cloth reinforced with aluminum laminate and can satisfy any engineer or mechanic working in hostile environments. It's high temperature 1/2 inch adhesive strip is a finished selvage edge that bonds securely anywhere along the width of the material.

Thermashield Wrap is highly resistant to engine fluids, salt water, and UV light. It meets compliance standards of RoHS and ASTM. As a flame retardant aluminum fiberglass material, it is perfect for insulating delicate wires, electronics, hoses and other sensitive components. With a melting point of 1120°C and a softening point of 846°C, the Wrap provides a powerful thermal buffer from radiant heat and is a superior protective material for your needs.

*Wraps come in aluminum color.

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Features and Benefits

  • East to cut with scissors.
  • Flame retardant and it reflects heat.
  • Salt water, engine fluids, and UV light resistant.
  • Easy to apply on and around odd shaped connectors.
  • Compliant with RoHS.
  • Adhesive strip is 1/2 inch.
  • Temperature performance of -60°C and 355°C

More Info

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Temp. Range
Softening Point
Melt Point
Self Extinguish?
Resistant To:
Engine Fluids
Salt Water
UV Light
-60°C to -255°C
Will not burn Flame retardant per ASTM-D350& FMV-SS302


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