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Thermo-Sleeve Heat Shield

Description of Thermo-Sleeve Heat Shield

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Extreme amounts of heat can change the physical properties of hoses, wires, and cables to the point that hoses will rupture and wires will not function properly. Protecting your electrical wires, cables, and hoses from heat and abrasion with Thermo-Sleeve Heat Shield will prolong the life of your hoses and performance of your cables, and wires.

By combining fiberglass fabric and Mylar foil a very tough shield that will reflect 90% of boiling heat and resistant to fires, cuts, oils, and abrasion was created to protect your automotive hoses and wires. The outer layer will reflect temperatures reaching 2,000F and the inner layer withstands direct contact heat up to 500F. 5 different diameters and 2 different lengths are available for this highly durable heat guard.

This Thermo-Sleeve Heat Shield is ideal for use on automotive and aeronautical applications that demand protection from extreme temperatures and surrounding elements.

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Features and Benefits

  • Resistant to temperatures reaching 2,000 F
  • Attainable in 3 FT or 12 FT lengths
  • Great for shielding wires, cables, and hoses from heat
  • Cuts easily for quick installation


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