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Test Leads for Triplett

Description of Test Leads for Triplett

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TR-79-127 = 48 Test Leads with Insulated Screw-On Alligator Clips
For use with: Models 630 Type 1, 2, and 3, 630-NA, 630-NS, 630-PL, 630-PLK, 666-R, G/P Series

TR-79-153 = 42 Test Leads with Mini-Banana Jacks & Insulated Screw-On Alligator Clips
For use with: Model 310 Series VOMs

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Excellent quality and value 9/4/2015
Reviewed by: Barry Rutkin from NY, USA.
Great quality replacement leads for my ancient Triplett 310C. Very flexible and the mini banana plugs are snug in their sockets. Two minor issues: the finger stops and overall length prevent them from fitting in my carrying case like the originals (probably now outlawed as unsafe), and like the originals, the connectors are molded on so future repairs are not possible. At this price not being able to repair them isn't really a problem except when you break a lead and need it now.


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