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Triplett Wiremaster XR-2

Description of Triplett Wiremaster XR-2

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The Triplett Wiremaster XR-2 is perfect for verifying the continuity of twisted pair LAN, telephone, and other types of cables that use RJ-45 & RJ-11 connectors. As most cable testing devices, the Wiremaster XR-2 has eight LEDs to identify the source and destination of each conductor, working or not.

This RJ45/RJ11 testing device is a two-piece set of transmitter and receiver. Connect a cable between the two to run the test, and in moments you will be able to determine the wiring of a cable. Designed with two modes, local and remote, examine the wiring of crossover, straight-through, and reverse-wired patch cables.

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Features and Benefits

  • Verifies point-to-point wiring of cables that use RJ-45 and RJ-11 connectors
  • New "local mode" allows for testing of patch cables
  • Tests LAN Crossover and Telephone patch cables
  • Checks continuity in cable conductors
  • Generates 2 distinct warble tones usable for cable tracing
  • Checks "straight-through", "reverse wired", and "cross-over" patch cables
  • 8 LEDs identify the source and destination of each conductor
  • Direct connection of 6 pin RJ-11 or 8-pin RJ-45 cables
  • Allows remote testing of long cable runs up to 1000ft
  • RJ-11 4 conductor or 6 conductor testing available
  • Forward or reverse sequencing on transmitter
  • High or low pitch tracer tone
  • Fast or slow LED sequencing
  • Local or Remote test mode on receiver
  • One Year Standard Warranty


"These LAN Testers are not intended for use on powered wires or cables. All wires or cables
MUST be non-powered, non-grounded and non-connected

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