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Triplett Plug-Bug GFCI Receptacle Tester

Designed for use on 110 125 VAC receptacles, the Triplett Plug Receptacle tester detects common wiring problems in both standard and ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets.
from $5.95

Triplett Telco Transmission Test Set

Telephone transmission line tester combined with a multimeter.
from $6.00

Triplett Line-Bug 4 Phone/LAN Tester

Protect your expensive LAN tester! The Triplett Line-Bug 4 Phone/LAN Tester checks LAN lines (RJ-45) wired to 568 A/B standard for damaging telephone line current.
from $8.95

AUTOLOADER® Multi-Bit Screwdriver - Triplett

The fastest way to change from screw bit to screw bit.
from $12.80

Triplett Sniff-It 2 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

This product helps you locate AC Voltage!
from $14.95

Test Leads for Triplett

from $17.00

Triplett Pocket Sized DMM

A high-quality digital multimeter in a small, pocket size.
from $23.95

Triplett Breaker Sniff-it Type 2 Digital Circuit Breaker Locator

This digital breaker locator by Triplett is micro-processor controlled which reduces false readings.
from $27.99

Triplett SatAlign 2 Satelite Signal Strength Meter

Digital Satellite Signal Strength Meter with Tone.
from $29.95

1201 Compact Digital Multimeter - Triplett

from $29.95

Triplett Wiremaster Coax

Test for opens and shorts in wiring with this device.
from $37.95

1301 Compact Digital Multimeter - Triplett

from $39.95

WireMaster RJ-45 LAN Cable Tester - Triplett

from $39.95

Digital Clamp-On Meters - Triplett

from $39.95

Triplett Universal Carrying Case

Protect your tester(s) with this lightweight but resilient universal carrying case by Triplett. Designed to fit nearly any standard or compact sized multimeter or clamp-on with test leads, the Triplett Universal Carrying Case is a must have.
from $48.00

ProTemp 12-A - Triplett

Using laser technology, check the surface temperaturs of objects without making contact.
from $48.99

Digital Multimeter w/Capacitance Model 9007 - Triplett

With a larger LCD than its predecessors and added backlight, our new Digital Multimeter w/Capacitance is sure to meet and exceed your network testing needs!
from $56.05

1401 True RMS Compact Digital Multimeter - Triplett

from $59.95

WireMaster HDMI - Triplett

A lightweight, rugged, simple to use HDMI Cable Tester
from $67.99

ProTemp Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - Triplett

from $69.00

FiberTest VFL Visual Fault Locator - 3340 - Triplett

For use with fiber optic cables to quickly indentify fiber cables and test them for breaks, leakage (loss) at sharp bends, and defective connectors and splices.
from $74.99

Triplett Wiremaster XR-2

Cable testing device for RJ45 and RJ11 cables.
from $76.10

SoniChek PRO 3550 Professional SOund Level Meter - Triplett

from $85.00

Triplett Chek-A-Cell

Digital battery tester for 6 and 12 volt batteries.
from $89.00

Triplett True RMS Digital Multimeter

from $99.99

Triplett Fox 2 & Hound 3 Digital Tone Generator Kit

The Fox 2 and Hound 3 Tone Generator Kit includes a deluxe tone generator, a probe inductive tracer, and a carrying case.
from $112.99

Triplett Wiremaster Mapper Kit

An 8-way cable mapping kit.
from $113.05

Triplett Envirometer

An environmental multimeter for testing light, sound, and humidity.
from $130.95

Pairmaster LAN Cable Test Set, Kit and Accessories

With a simple press of a button the PairMaster allows you to verify and test basic LAN cabling installations
from $151.00

Triplett Telco Kick Tester

A voltage multimeter for telecommunications.
from $159.99

Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) 3271 - Cable Fault Finder - Triplett

from $272.31

Triplett Railroad Test Set

An analog meter for measuring the signal parameters of railroad coding equipment.
from $1,317.89
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