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Tunnel Tape

Description of Tunnel Tape

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Tunnel Tape is the perfect adhesive safety tape to use for meeting rooms, convention halls, media facilities or any situation that requires a durable, taping solution.

Convenient in that it can be torn by bare hands, but strong enough that it’s puncture resistant, Tunnel Tape works best on clean non-carpeted surfaces.

Just as important, Tunnel Tape doesn’t have the ‘leave behind’ adhesive residue that is common with other tapes. if you need to reposition the tape, simply lift it up and move to the new desired location – no need to use new tape!

The black/yellow stripe color Tunnel Caution Tape provides extra cautionary protection for those heavily traversed areas.

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Features and Benefits

  • Patented technology is unique but practical as adhesive lines outer edges of tape only
  • Tear-by-hand easy use - no cutlery needed.
  • Tape is reusable in that it can be repositioned multiple times.
  • Best used on non-carpet surfaces - no adhesive leave behind!
  • Tunnel Tape is 40 yards in length and is available in 3", 4", and 6" widths.
  • Available in black or black/yellow striped when caution is required.
  • Adhesive is made of solvent free synthetic and backing is made of reinforced polyetheylene woven scrim.
  • Total thickness of tape: 7.5 mils.
  • Adhesion to stainless steel: 85 oz/in.
  • Service temperature range: 150 degrees F (66 degrees C).
  • Recommended storage: 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) with 50% relative humidity.


tunnel tape 8/11/2014
Reviewed by: dave from flagstaff az.
It works great for running cables across open floors to prevent a tripping hazard.

More Info

Technical Data
Backing: 7.5 mils Reinforced Polyethylene Woven Scrim
Adhesive: 2 mils Solvent Free Synthetic
Total thickness: 7.5 mils
Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 85 oz / in
Service Temperature Range: 150° F (66° C)
** Store at 70° F (21°C) with 50% relative humidity


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