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D-Wings Cord Organizer Nail-Free Clips

D-Wings Outdoor for garden and patio use.

Description of D-Wings Cord Organizer Nail-Free Clips

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Hold and guide loose wires and cables throughout your home and garden using these nifty nail free mounting clips.

With 3 types of D-Wings mounting clips (auto, standard, and outdoor), each one is specialized for a particular environment.

The outdoor D-Wing uses a high bond foam tape for weather and extreme temperatures. D-Wing Auto is designed for mounting inside cars and withstands up to 160F, and the standard D-Wing nail free clips are paintable and can be used anywhere.

Installations instructions are found in the "More Information" Tab.

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D-Wings and Wire Clips 11/11/2015
Reviewed by: Jack W. from Windsor, VERMONT.
Excellent Products! Very durable, strong and D-Wings have superior adhesion. Am using these products for item called: Vertical Trash Solution, Halo Hoop. Thus, a non-electrical use. Would prefer white D-Wings rather than green however. Great stuff, perfect for my product! Thank you. Jack W. Halo Hoop.

More Info

Installation Instructions:

(1) Wipe clean and dry area of wall.
(2)Press down gently to open the slit.
(3)Peel off tape liner and stick on a clean and flat surface.
(4)Press D-Wings Outdoor firmly for 30 seconds.
(5) Wait 15 minutes before inserting vines or cords for best results.


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