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Wall Plates  Wall Plates

Voice/Data Modular Jack Wall Plates - Stainless Steel - Loaded

from $9.64

Keystone Wallplates - Smooth Face

Classic style smooth face wall plate is designed to support the distribution of voice, data and other communication needs in the home and office.
from $0.42

Stainless Steel Wall Plates Light Switch Covers - Electriduct

from $9.50

Keystone Wallplates - Decora Type

Distinguished style includes a rectangular indent which adds a little accent on the surface.
from $0.45

RJ11 Modular Wall Plates

Connects telephone lines in offices and at home.
from $0.74

F Type Connector Wall Plates

Selection of high quality F type connector wall plates
from $0.69

Blank Wall Plates - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel clear wall plates to be used for covering of unused wall openings.
from $2.34

Leviton QuickPort® Single Gang Wall Plates

Strong wall plates that can be configurable to your needs.
from $2.50

Altinex Intera Faceplates & Inserts

Faceplates and Inserts for all standard outlets.
from $3.00

Voice/Data Modular Jack Wall Plates - Stainless Steel - Empty

Stainless steel clear wall plates for connection of network and phone systems.
from $3.49

Electrical Duplex Decora Wall Plates - Stainless Steel - Empty

Designed to be used in rough working environments.
from $4.11

Grommet Wall Plates - Plastic

Light durable plastic wall grommets to be used for hiding voice and data cables.
from $4.95

Wall Phone Wall Plates - Stainless Steel - Empty

Low profile stainless steel wall plates protect your voice and data cables from damages.
from $5.11

Grommet Wall Plates - Stainless Steel

from $5.84

Flush Modular Wall Plates - Stainless Steel - Empty

from $5.98

Flush Modular Wall Plates with Label Fields - Stainless Steel - Empty

from $8.47

360 Electrical® Rotating Duplex Outlets

Perfect solution for plugging in oversized adapters that usually overlap onto neighboring power outlets.
from $8.99
Inserts  Inserts

Snap-In Keystone Wallplate Blank Inserts

We offer a wide selection of snap-in modules which can be custom-configured to give you greater control and flexibility in your home and office.
from $0.20

Panduit NetKey Modular Frames

Mountable keystone electrical cover plates.
from $1.58

Acenti QuickPort Multimedia Inserts - Leviton

A variety of multimedia connectors make a custom installation easy.
from $6.66

ERICO CADDY Low Voltage Versatile Thread Impression

from $12.34
Housings | Mount Boxes  Housings | Mount Boxes

RJ45 Surface Mount Boxes

Keystone jack surface mount boxes are compatible with most keystone inserts and are ideal for spaces where face plates are not optimal.
from $0.65

Surface Mount Phone Jacks

Selection of high quality phone jacks, modular adapters and in-line couplers
from $0.87

ERICO Caddy Within Wall Mounting Plate

from $1.55

ERICO Caddy Electrical Box Bracket

from $1.77

Surface Mount Box for Wall Plate

Surface mount boxes allow network flexibility by providing simple and convenient network access from anywhere they are installed.
from $1.88

CAT5E Surface Mount Boxes with Jack

Pre-installed keystone jack included with these 1, 2 or 8 port surface mount boxes.
from $2.15

Cables To Go® Single Gang Wall Plate Mounting Bracket

from $2.60

Leviton QuickPort Surface Mount Housing

An inexpensive, easy to install data center!
from $4.49

Cat6 White Surface Mount Boxes

Surface mount boxes add CAT6 networking connections with its user-friendly installation and pre-installed keystone jacks.
from $3.80

Existing Construction Power & Low Voltage Combo Box

from $4.61

ERICO CADDY CER4 Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable and MC/AC Cable Support

from $59.20
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