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50% OFF Wire Duct Accessories with the purchase of any Electriduct Wire Duct
Open Slot Wire Duct  Open Slot Wire Duct

ElectriDuct Open Slot Wire Duct

Inexpensive wiring duct that gets the job done!
from $11.75

Open Slot Wire Duct - Betaduct

Open slot wire duct is ideal for applications in which wires may need to be re-routed.
Solid Wall Wire Duct  Solid Wall Wire Duct

Electriduct Solid Wall Wire Duct

Managing your wires while maintaining a clean and finished look, the Electriduct Solid Wall Wire Duct is perfect to be utilized when side wall access is unnecessary and break-outs are not required.
from $10.86

Aluminum Metal Surface Cable Raceway - Electriduct

from $14.75

Solid Wall Wire Duct - Betaduct

Solid wall wire duct offers comprehensive cable protection and is ideal for applications where no break-outs are required, and side wall access is infrequent
from $133.99
Closed Slot Wire Duct  Closed Slot Wire Duct

Closed Slot Wire Duct - Betaduct

Closed slot wire duct provides exceptional cable retention and also provides enhanced protection for installers.
from $133.99
Narrow Slot Wire Duct  Narrow Slot Wire Duct

Narrow Slot Wire Duct - Betaduct

Narrow slot wire duct is ideal use with slimmer terminal blocks, and where more access is required, and the finer slots help enhance the appearance of panels.
Noryl Wire Duct  Noryl Wire Duct

Noryl Wire Duct - Betaduct

Noryl Wire duct is for use in applications that require a low-smoke and zero halogen material wire duct.
from $651.62
Accessories  Accessories

Wire Duct Cutter - Electriduct

Specially made for use with cutting wire ducts and covers.
from $25.00

Wire Duct Accessories

50% OFF Accessories for Wire Duct
from $3.70

Wire Ducts also known as wire troughs, wire-ways, wire raceways or wire channels are unbending trays used as raceways when you need to insert, drop or pull cables or wires out of a duct. These wiring ducts are made of high impact, self extinguishing rigid PVC, and are available in different models and colors.

Types of Wire Duct:
1. Economical Wire Duct: Inexpensive and quality alternative for organizing your wires. You can choose between solid wall and slotted ducts to best suit your application.
2. Open or Wide Slot Wire Duct: Allows for wires or cables that need to be re-routed throughout the channel.
3. Narrow Slot Wire Duct: Used with high density wiring set-ups, the narrow slots offer multiple access points for small diameter wires.
4. Closed Slot Wire Duct: Providing amazing cable retention while providing openings for applications where wires need to be routed.
5. Solid Slot Wire Duct: Is a closed up duct that protects cables and makes for a cleaner appearance. Perfect for use where no break-outs are required.
6. Noryl Ducts: High quality wire duct made from a low smoke, zero halogen material.

Benefits of Wire Duct:
Wire troughs offer high heat deflection that minimizes distortion at high temperatures. In most cases, wire ways come pre-drilled so they can fix to wall and enclosures, other options include adhesive backing.

Wire channels have an integral flexible vinyl lining inside their walls for high friction surfaces, the rounded plastic fingers give cable support and are able to snap-off for terminated wires to be re-routed easily.

Uses of Wiring Duct:
Wire Ducts are used in electrical enclosures to help protect and route cable and wires. These enclosures can be found in both in home and office environments.

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