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Flanged Wire Guard

Description of Flanged Wire Guard

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Wire Guards provide shielded protection from accidental or intentional abuse of everyday activities; which can be hazardous.

If having those loose wires is a hassle for you, the correct size wire guard will help you conceal them. The Wire Guard is an innovative and cost-effective system that can also easily adapt to the most difficult installations as they are pre-drilled for easy installation.

Custom colors available - Case minimum of 20 sticks only.
Beige, Black, Brown, Gray, Ivory, Redwood, White
Call for details 866-673-9590.

Sizes ranges from 1/2" to 4".

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Features and Benefits

  • Supreme for electrical and communications wiring and cabling
  • Hides, conceals and protects wiring
  • Cost-effective system
  • Available in Black
  • For Light Gray, Dark Brown, Red Wood, White, Ivory & Beige colors, please call. 100 FT minimum will apply
  • Made out of durable High-Impact UL compliant PVC plastic.


Great Product! 11/22/2017
Reviewed by: Bryan from Covington.
I used the 3/4" Wire Guard to cover some wires running on a wall. I wish there were fittings for the 3/4" size wire guards, but i mitred the ends for 90 degree turns and it came out great.
Flanged Wire guard 10/12/2014
Reviewed by: John from Sonoma.
Product was perfect for covering wiring for security cameras on metal roof over hang. Black color worked well with roof color. Material was easy to trim and fit with shears, making direction changes neat.
Flanged Wire Guard 11/13/2013
Reviewed by: Robert E. Neel from Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Great product which is weather resistant and sturdy enough to support vertical installations. Would prefer more wood colored compatible choices for log cabin type constructions. It would also be more applicable if the height were decreased (possibly rectangular shape) and the channel width increased
Security Cabling 6/15/2013
Reviewed by: Evan Watts from San Jose,Ca..
This product is the correct fit for my home cabling project at grat price. Thanks
Wire covering 4/30/2013
Reviewed by: Ed from Allentown PA.
Just what I needed. Easy to install. Recomend for outdoor wire protection.
IT Dir. 7/12/2010
Reviewed by: Henry Bissell from Ventura, CA.
Great product. Better if UV-stabilized and if other colors were available with small orders.


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