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Small Latching Surface Raceway and Accessories (375 Series)

A nice touch for those single cable applications.
from $1.75

Medium Latching Cable Raceway & Accessories (500 Series)

Perfect choice for 2 to 5 cable set-ups.
from $2.25

Large Latching Cable Raceway & Accessories (1125 Series)

Multiple cables and wires can fit in this large surface raceway.
from $2.75

Accessories for Corner Duct Cable Raceway

Used in conjunction with Corner Duct Raceway (Part #:SRCD) to create custom cable runs.
from $2.99

Corner Duct Cable Raceway

An affordable and efficient resolution for concealing cables & wires running between a ceiling and wall or in-between two Walls.
from $7.49

Small 2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways & Accessories (375 Series)

Hide ugly speaker wires and cables with this 2-piece (base and lid) surface wire raceway.
from $10.25

Medium 2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways & Accessories (500 Series)

One of the easiest surface mount raceways to maintain, inserting and removing lose cables is a pop off away.
from $11.65

Large 2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways & Accessories (1125 Series)

Great for entertainment rooms, this large Flex Tab cable duct is paintable to match surrounding decor.
from $13.95

Latching Raceway KIT

Perfect starter kit for the do-it-yourselfers. Has everything you need to run simple cable runs.
from $19.99

Wire Trak Raceway Roll

Save time, space and money by using the Wire Trak Raceway on a Roll.
from $49.05

One Piece Latching Cable Raceway (CASE ORDER)

Bulk order of our most popular, high quality surface raceway! Choose between 6 and 8 foot lengths.
from $116.79

2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways (CASE ORDER)

Bulk cases and longer lengths for the 2 Piece Flex Tab Surface Raceway.
from $206.64
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