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Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover

Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover

Description of Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover

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To protect exposed wires on carpet floors, all you need is one solution: Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover. Braided out of tightly woven ballistic Nylon, Dura Race protects wires against abrasion and damage, and has greater water repellency than other Nylon sleeves. Designed with industrial strength hooks, this cable cover will grab onto most high traffic carpeting (loop, cut and loop, and patterned loop pile). Cut pile carpets are not recommended if using Dura race as a carpet cord cover, due to the lack of "hook-able" material.

Dura Race creates a tight hold on carpet floors, completely covering wires and preventing trips or falls from exposed cords. For added precautions, Dura race Carpet Cord Covers can come in black with a Safety Stripe pattern. This pattern is recognizable and great for office and industrial environments where cables may be out in the open.

Please click the "More Information" tab and the "Specifications" tab for additional knowledge about the product and its dimensions.

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Features and Benefits

  • Braided from ballistic Nylon
  • Heavy duty hook closure for carpet installation


Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover 2/13/2017
Reviewed by: Bryan from Okemos, MI.
Excellent product that gives a clean and streamlined appearance. By far, the best option for covering cables in an environment with low pile/commercial carpet.
Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover 1/8/2017
Reviewed by: Electrical & Computer Resources from Thomasville GA.
Product worked perfectly. My customer was very impressed with the end results. I plan to keep this item in stock for future installations
Amazing Product 11/22/2016
Reviewed by: Stephen Castle from Columbia.
I use the Dura Race carpet cord cover in our executive conference rooms, everyone is amazed by it's effectiveness; which is why I now use this product company-wide.
Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover 9/12/2016
Reviewed by: Roger from CA.
So far this product is meeting it's expectations and our office is quite happy
IT 2/17/2016
Reviewed by: Mark from Brampton.
Great and durable product
Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover 9/8/2015
Reviewed by: Crystal Fulton from McDonald Elementary.
This product is exactly what I was looking for. It velcros to the carpet well and can withstand heavy foot traffic throughout the day.
Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover 7/1/2014
Reviewed by: Raymond Woyak from Pima College Tucson, AZ.
Good Idea, Stitching on edges is Not good. If you pull up the Cover to move it, the Velcro starts separating the stitching starts letting go. Ended up gluing the ends of the Velcro. The cover Does stay in place and is Not easily kicked loose which is the Best part of the Cover. May still order again in the future, If the Glue solution works effectively. Thx Ray
Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover 7/11/2013
Reviewed by: Tim from Michigan.
This has proved to be an excellent solution where I wasn't as concerned about protecting the cords as I was with making the necessary over-carpet wiring look clean. It does offer a bit of protection as well. But mainly it provides a clean and adjustable cover for several cords. I have a couple of thicker cords. A typical rubber covering would have forced me into a large size. This velcros to the carpet firmly, but is very simple to adjust placement.
Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover 1/4/2013
Reviewed by: Bryan from Michigan.
Excellent product in every way. Extremely clean and tidy way of covering runs of multiple cables. This product was a brilliant solution to cover cables in my media room in an attractive fashion. It's ease of installation and flexibility is a big plus as is the ability to slip cables out of the cover at different points along the run - something which most raceways and cable covers do not allow. Highly recommended!


More Info

Physical Properties
Recommended CuttingScissor
Wall Thickness0.012
Abrasion ResistanceExtremely High
Specific Gravity1.13
Moisture Absorption% (ASTM D-570)2.7
Operating Temperatures
Minimum Continuous-60F/-51C
Maximum Continuous200F/93C
Melt (ASTM D-2117)410F/374C

 Chemical Resistance1=No Effect, 2=Little Effect, 3=Affected, 4=More Affected, 5=Severely Affected
 Aromatic Solvents
 Chlorinated Solvents
 Strong Bases
 Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606)
 De-Icing Fluid (MIL-A-8243)
 Strong Oxidants
 UV Light
 Fungus (ASTM G-21)
Alipahtic Solvents1
Weak Bases1
Salt Water (O-S-1926)1
Lubricating Oil (MIL-A-8243)1
Strong Acids3


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