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Light Duty Cord Covers

Electriduct carries an incredibly large selection of light duty cord covers, cable covers and cord protectors. We understand that different cable management issues require different product solutions, and our goal is to always have exactly what you need to keep your electrical cables and cords safe, secure and organized. It isn't just about keeping your cords safe's about keeping you safe as well. Loose cables and cords can cause tripping and slip and fall accidents, and no matter how expensive your equipment is, your health and safety are worth much, much more. At Electriduct, we also want to protect your wallet, and the extremely affordable pricing on all our products means that you won't have to skimp on other things in order to get the best in light duty cable covers.

Our light duty cord protectors include the extremely lightweight and flexible Wiremold series, available in five, ten, twenty-five and fifty foot increments, so you can create the perfect length for your purpose without an excessive amount of waste. We also carry the easy-to-use line of ChordSavers light duty cord covers, which simply snap together for immediate protection from even the most unforgiving foot traffic. With a wide range of colors and prints - even one that is stain-able for a custom finish - you can keep your wires and cords safe without sacrificing style and/or inconspicuousness. Looking for something a little stouter in light duty cable covers? The cable and hose protectors from Drop Trak are made from high quality molded polyurethane, for long term durability in your light duty cord protectors.

Need to cover up those ugly ceiling fan or chandelier cords hanging from your ceiling? Our silk lamp and chandelier cord covers are much easier on the eyes, and much safer than exposed wiring. At Electriduct, it's all about value and functionality, and our light duty cord covers keep you and your cords, covered in both areas. Check out all of our light duty cord protectors and drop over light duty cable covers to determine which is right for your home or office need. Our customer service, is unmatched in the cable management supplies industry. If you need any assistance at all, call us at any time, toll-free, at 866-673-9590 and speak with one of our professional and friendly customer service professionals. You'll see why contractors and technicians choose Electriduct... every time.

Products (Total Items: 27)

Cable Shield Cord Cover - Electriduct

Have a loose cable, or maybe two, either way the Cable Shield is for you! Different sizes availble for use in homes and offices to cover small wire runs, or large size shields for studio's and warehouses with lots of cables.
from $6.40

Home `n` Office Small Drop Over Cord Protector (Stained)

Same great product, just a little different.
from $7.50

Plastic Cord Covers - Electriduct

Low cost solution to tidy up an area with cords lying on the floor around computer stations, entertainment systems and other electronics found in homes and offices.
from $7.99

Cable Blanket Low Profile Cord Cover - UT Wire

3 color options
Pre-installed adhesive backing
Flexible cord capacity
from $8.99

Cord Protectors - Wiremold

A great product to help protect loose cables on the floor.
from $10.68

Compact Neoprene Cord Protector & Concealer - UT WIre

from $11.99

Metal Cable Shield Cord Cover - Electriduct

Aluminum Cable Shield Cord Cover - now more durable for inside and outside weather conditions.
from $12.49

Neoprene Cord Protector & Concealer - UT Wire - Urashima Taro

A unique cord protector that makes a great addition to any home and office.
from $12.50

Drop Trak Cable & Hose Protectors

from $15.00

SafCord Carpet Cord Cover

Patented design and durable construction, this reusable carpet cable cover provide a trip free environment.
from $15.00

D-2 RubberDuct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

Our most popular! The D-2 series cord protector is perfect for covering exposed cables in workstations and offices while providing a safe, trip-free environment.
from $17.50

Transparent Safety Cord Cover

Great for aisles, hallways and entryways, our transparent cord covers are the perfect decorative accompaniment to those events or facilities which are looking to have that added “punch”
from $19.99

1500 Series Steel Cord Cover and Accessories - Wiremold

Wiremold steel raceway proves to superior to than plastic cord covers because of its assortment of accessories to help create a custom cable run.
from $21.10

ChordSavers Floor Cord Covers

For that quick, easy to install, pick-up and go cord cover, the ChordSaver™ Cord Cover makes protecting cables a snap!
from $21.99

Home `n` Office Small Drop Over Cord Protector

Economical and stylish, the Home `n` Office Drop Over is a Light Duty cord protector used in homes and offices to cover up those exposed cords resting on the floor.
from $22.50

Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover

Abrasion Protection for High-Traffic Carpeting with Easy On, Easy Off Hook Closure
from $25.05

2600 Series Steel Cord Cover and Accessories - Wiremold

The 2600 series pancake over floor steel cable protector is the same design and material at the 1500 Series, but a larger size that can accommodate more cables and wires.
from $26.00

ChordSavers™ StudioSaver™ Cord Covers

ChordSavers™ is a distinctive resolution for protection of all your cords and cables.Taping your cords down is a temporary solution at best.
from $28.15

SideWinder Cable Protection Systems™

Designed to bend and turn without extra angle pieces this cable protector covers multiple wires of unlimited length.
from $31.50

ChordSavers™ WallSaver™ Wall Cord Protectors

WallSavers™ are a perfect resolution for shielding your cables or cords that are hanging free on the wall. With 6 colors to choose from, these cord protectors can blend in just about any background.
from $32.09

D-1 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

The D-1 series is a single channel cord cover that is perfect for home/office applications with only one small wire to protect.
from $35.00

EZ Runner PVC Drop Over Cable Ramps

  • PVC Material
  • 3 Channel Options
  • 2 Color Choices
from $35.00

D-3 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

This 2 channel cord cover is specially made by Electriduct to protect small guage wires/cords in any home or office.
from $39.50

Drop Over Lite Cable Cover

Ideal for office or warehouse use, the Drop Over Lite™ is a durable, length adjustable cord protector that brings neatness and safety to any room.
from $39.99

ChordSavers ClubSaver Cord Cover

ChordSavers ClubSaver Cord Cover is the largest of all the ChordSavers and helps combine order and safety to valuable equipment.
from $62.50

Defender Compact Wire Cover

The Defender Compact is a revolutionary cable protector notably known for it’s extremely low profile.
from $74.50

The FOX 3" Single Slot Cable Protector

3" Model On Sale!
Lowest Price Ever!

Made from polyurethane, this modern style cable protector comes in four different sizes to provide superior protection for many applications.
from $125.00
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