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RubberDuct™ Cord Covers

Our Rubber Duct cord protectors provide protection for wires and cords against foot traffic, weather, and damage. Small, medium and heavy rubber duct covers range in their capacity to protect your small collection of office cords or large industrial cables.

By helping you maintain a safe and pleasant working environment and presenting you with alternatives to loose and hazardous cords, Rubber Duct Cord Covers address tripping hazards with easy-to-install solutions for single or multiple cords. Heat and skid resistant, non-conductive up to 1500 volts and do not curl like its plastic counterparts, these rubber floor cord protectors are simply the best choice.

Made from high quality rubber in the USA, available in a variety of colors, lengths and design options, you can order with confidence knowing Electriduct is the originator in making rubber cord covers for over 50 years!

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D-2 RubberDuct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

Our most popular! The D-2 series cord protector is perfect for covering exposed cables in workstations and offices while providing a safe, trip-free environment.
from $17.50

D-22 Rubber Duct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

The D-22 medium size rubber duct is perfect to accommodate more or larger cables that are found in offices and warehouses.
from $28.00

D-1 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

The D-1 series is a single channel cord cover that is perfect for home/office applications with only one small wire to protect.
from $35.00

D-3 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

This 2 channel cord cover is specially made by Electriduct to protect small guage wires/cords in any home or office.
from $39.50

D-100 Rubber Duct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The D-100 series medium size rubber cable protector is a must for those high traffic office and warehouse areas that require protection for many or large cables.
from $44.75

D-200 RubberDuct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The heavy duty D-200 rubber cable protector is one of our more popular models because of its four channels (two large center channels and two smaller outside channels) and low-profile design, making it versatile in being an indoor/outdoor cable protector.
from $72.50

D-300 Rubber Duct™ Hose Protector - Electriduct

To offer protection for large cables or hoses, the D-300 is designed to withstand warehouse/outdoor abuse and heavy traffic.
from $85.00

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