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2:1 Conductive Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

Description of 2:1 Conductive Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

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Made from MIL Standard R-46846 polyolefin with a very conductive inner thick film of Polymer, this heat shrink will resist EMI, RFI, and ESD interference. Works with or without solder, the EMC shrinkMate heat shrink will act like wire connectors because the inner coating condones electrical continuity.

This special heat shrink only needs a heat gun to work and provides easy connecting and protection of coaxial and electrical cables.

*NASA Sp-R-002A and ESA PSS-01-702.

**Available up to 3 feet in a continuous length.

Please click the "More Information" tab for detailed specifications and data.

***Up to 6 week lead time if Out of Stock.

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2:1 Conductive Heat Shrink Wire Connectors 11/29/2015
Reviewed by: James from SC.
Fast Delivery and works very well!
shrink sleeving 9/3/2014
Reviewed by: kevin connor from goleta ca.
Works as advertised. Fast delivery. Looking for ESD safe material that is clean room compatible but the EMI coating would be a problem with our application.


More Info

Certificate of RoHS Compliance

The resistance of a shrunken tube is approximately 1 ohm per inch. The resistance of any splice is determined by the gap between two objects being spliced. A 0.1 inch gap will have 0.1 per inch resistance.

Passes the Aerospace Industry General Specification Vacuum Stability Requirements of Polymeric Material for Spacecraft Application for Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials per ASTM E-595, NASA Sp-R-002A and ESA PSS-01-702.

Shielding needs depend on the application, and will be dependent on the internal design but typical High Frequency shielding needs are:

Commercial 30-60 dB (30-1000x)
Military 60-90 dB (1000 - 30,000x)
Special 90-120 dB (30,000 - 1,000,000x)

Practical upper limit for enclosures & rooms is 120 dB.

Information presented in this product data sheet is considered reliable but conditions and methods of use, which are beyond our control, may modify results. The technical information contained herein outlines the typical properties of this material and should not be used in the preparation of specifications as it is intended for reference only.


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