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3:1 Adhesive Lined Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tube

3:1 Adhesive lined Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tubes

Description of 3:1 Adhesive Lined Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tube

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Strong, quick shrinking adhesive lined medium wall heat shrink tubing offers reliable performance in harsh mechanical and environmental conditions.

Use to safely protect and seal electrical splices, terminations and joints.

  • Shrink Ratio: 3 to 1
  • Halogen-Free
  • UL486 Listed
  • RoHS Compliant

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Features and Benefits

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ElectriDuct Products 7/6/2016
Reviewed by: Phillip Hesselgrave from 137 Lewis dr. Mooresville Indiana 46158.
I have oredered from ElectriDuct 4 times. Each time the product was superior in quality. Each time I was able to order the length closest to my needs. Not like others that have a minimum number of feet to be ordered. Why be required to order 25 feet if you only need 3 feet. With ElectriDuct you are given a choice. Their prices are competitive & shipping prices fair. Let's face it they don't control shipping cost. You can choose to get it tomorrow or next week. Great people, they are my #1 choice

More Info

 Test Item
Test Method
 Operation Temperature
 Company Standard
 Shrink Temperature
 Company Stnadard
 Tensile Strength
 ASTM D2671
 Elongation ASTM D2671 400%
 Elongation after aging (168hrs at 150C)
 ASTM D2671 350%
 Tensile strength after aging (168hrs at 150C)
 ASTM D2671 12MPa
 Dielectric Strength
 ASTM D2671 20kV/mm
 Volume Resistivity
 ASTM D257
 Copper Corrosion
 ASTM D2671 No Corrosion
 Water Absorption
 ASTM D570
 Cold Blend (-55C/4hrs)
 ASTM D2671 No Cracking


Medium Wall - 3 to 1 ratio, This product will shrink down to 33% of its size

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