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360 Electrical Rotating Power Surge Protector Adapters

Standard Power Adapter.

Description of 360 Electrical Rotating Power Surge Protector Adapters

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The 360-degree Electrical rotating power and surge adapters expand your existing plugs into 4 rotating outlets that allow you to plug-in bulky power cords and adapters without any obstructions. If an adapter does not fit, simply plug it in and rotate, then lock it in one of any 18 possible positions, while you rotate the plug and turn system keeps your devices powered. The surge protectors and power adapters are securely attached to the wall with mounting screws. These adapters and surge suppressors are compact enough to take when you travel, while they are also great to use at home or in your office.

Choose between 2 models:

Standard Power Adapter (includes no surge protection properties)

Surge Protector comes with LEDs that indicates that the surge protection is active, while the ground indicator LED indicates that the electrical wiring is properly grounded. It also has an MOV that provides advanced surge protection technology for stronger resistance to heat. It offers connected equipment warranty.

*IMPORTANT: When using the rotating power adapters, it is important to always be sure that they are plugged directly into a grounded outlet. Only after this should you plug your equipment onto the power adapters.

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More Info

UL Listing PD-360R-RA:498A, E155217
PD-360R-RSP:498A, 1449, E155217
Electrical Ratings 15A, 120VAC, 60Hz, 1875 Watts
Surge Energy Joule Rating PD-360R-RSP: 540 joules
Clamping Voltage PD-360R-RSP: 500 V
Response Time PD-360R-RSP: < 1 nanosecond
Maximum Spike Current PD-360R-RSP: 144,000 A
Product Material ABS Plastic and Copper


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