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4:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable Tubing Kit

4 to 1 Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing 38 Piece Kit

Description of 4:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable Tubing Kit

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4 to 1 ratio with Adhesive Liner provides good sealing over irregular shapes, and if used properly, is waterproof and moisture resistant. With the high shrink ratio, repairing and securing most cable jackets without removing the connectors is possible.

This special heat shrink is stronger, more durable and has more versatility than the lower ratio heat shrink tubing.

This kit contains 38 pieces of dual wall heat shrink in 4" lengths with a thin adhesive lining for air tight seals, in a reusable box.

  • 3/16": 12 pcs
  • 1/4": 10 pcs
  • 3/8": 6 pcs
  • 1/2": 4 pcs
  • 5/8": 2 pcs
  • 3/4": 2 pcs
  • 1": 2 pcs

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Features and Benefits

  • Can be used to protect bundled wires and metal tubes
  • Lengthwise shrinkage approximately 7-9% during shrink process
  • High safeguard aptitude against water and moisture
  • Shrink temperature starts at 100C, totally shrunk at 150C
  • Flame Retardant Jacket VW-1
  • Meets UL, RoHS and REACH compliant
  • High expansion ratio makes it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets
  • Thick adhesive lining forms an effective barrier against fluids and moisture
  • May be used in a wide variety of electrical applications


Great stuff 7/1/2016
Reviewed by: Dustin from Texas.
Got exactly what I expected, when I expected it and it works as a good quality heat shink should. Much better quality than what you get at an auto parts store or hardware store, thanks!

More Info



Test method

Typical data

Longitudinal shrinkage


ASTM D 2671


Tensile strength

10.3MPa min.

ASTM D 638

=12 MPa

Elongation at break

200% min.

ASTM D 638


Tensile strength after ageing (158?,168hrs)

70% of original

ASTM D 638


Elongation after ageing (158?,168hrs)

100% min.

ASTM D 638


Heat shock

No crack

ASTM D 2671

No crack

Low-temperature flexibility(-55?,4hrs)

No crack

ASTM D 2671

No crack

Dielectric voltage withstand

2500V,60sec, no breakdown

ASTM D 2671

No breakdown

Volume resistivity

1014Ocm min.

ASTM D 876


Copper corrosion

No corrosion

ASTM D 2671

No corrosion






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