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Power Managed Energy Controlled Surge Protector

Power Managed Energy Controlled Surge Protector
8-Outlet Power Managed Energy Controlled Surge Protector  

If you would like to add additional outlets but still save energy and money, then this 8-outlet power managed surge protector is perfect for you!

Energy controlled surge protectors allow you to automatically control the power on "slave" outlets that succeed the on/off of the device plugged into the "master" outlet. The "master" outlet can be used to connect the PC or TV while the "slave" outlets connect peripheral devices. When the appliance connected in the "master" outlet of this surge protector is turned on/off, the power managed surge protector device senses it and turns on/off the power of the appliance connected to the "slave" outlets. This power management causes the device to stop consuming standby power of the peripheral devices, which in turn, saves money and energy.

The energy controlled surge protector adapter includes a power on indicator, an On/Reset/Off switch with 15A circuit breaker, and a lighted LED switch which provides overload protection. In addition to the master outlet and the four slave outlets, the power managed adapter houses three transformer outlets which are always on.

This multi-outlet power managed surge protector has a rating of 1050 joules which protects your valuable electronic devices from damaging power spikes, interferences and lightning. The electrical rating is AC125V/ 15A/ 1875W with a clamping voltage of 400V; a maximum spike current of 19500A; a maximum spike voltage of 6000V and an incredible response time of less than 1ns.

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