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AC Amp / Clamp Meter - DT266C

Description of AC Amp / Clamp Meter - DT266C

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This completely portable Digital Clamp Meter features an LCD screen with insulation test function (with option 500V insulation tester unit) designed to use electricians, technicians, serviceman, and hobbyist who require an instrument that is accurate, reliable, and always ready for use.

The DT266C Clamp Meter is powered by a standard 9V transistor radio type battery, providing 150-200 operating hours depending upon the type of battery and usage.

UPC: 656403835932

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

DCV: 200mV-1000V
ACV: 200V-750V
ACA: 20A-1000A
OHM: 200/20K
OHM Insulation Test: Yes
Diode Test: Yes
Data Hold: Yes
Power: 9V 6F22
Maximum Display: 1999
Display Size: 14 x 47mm
Product Weight: 320g
Product Size: 230 x 90 x 37mm


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