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Acme 25A and 25AC Broadband Cable and Wire Staple Gun

Acme 25A Broadband Cable and Wire Staple Gun

Description of Acme 25A and 25AC Broadband Cable and Wire Staple Gun

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For securing and stapling down cables along the ground, the wall, or hanging overhead, Acme Staple Company takes the cake. Similar to other cable installation products, the Acme 25A and 25AC Broadband Cable and Wire Staple Gun models are designed to make wire routing easier. Made for broadband cable management, the Acme 25A and 25AC have a patented design that preserves the cable’s high speed capacity, as well as keeps wires free of damage.

Quick and simple, cable and wire stapling is done faster with less work. With the 25A stapler, you can use medium and small gauged cables and wires, such as those for an alarm; the 25AC staple gun is designed for thicker cabling, like Category 5 and coaxial installations. Like most Acme stapling guns, galvanized steel and corrosion resistant Monel staples can be used with the 25A and 25AC Broadband cable and wire staplers.

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Features and Benefits

  • Patented Broadband Stapler designed to preserve cables and high speed capacity
  • Both models meet broadband manufacturer installation specifications
  • Bottom-load magazine for quick and easy drop-in-loading
  • Redesigned for faster, labor-saving installations
  • Comes with high visibility yellow handle
  • Galvanized steel and corrosion resistant Monel staples available
  • Manufacturer lifetime limited warranty

More Info

 Model 25A for Maximum Wire and Cable Diameter 1/4" (6mm)  Model 25A for Maximum Wire and Cable Diameter 1/4" (6mm)
 Available Leg Lengths9/32", 3/8", 7/16", 9/16", (7, 9, 11, 14mm)   Available Leg Lengths19/32" (15mm) 
 Bell Wire18/3 AWG Broadband Category 5 and up 
 Cat3 wire3-12 pair Broadband Coaxial cable RC6/69 
 Fire alarm cable18/2 and 18/4 awg 
Security System Cable 18/2 awg 
 Stranded wire8 and 10 AWG 
 Telephone station wire6 pair 
 Thermostat wire18/3 thru 18/8 AWG 
* Protected by US Patent 6,848,607. Other patents pending.
Models 25AC and 37AC are designed to drive the specially configured staples to a predetermined depth in most substrates, thus making it virtually impossible for the Broadband wires to be crushed.
All staple types available in Galvanized Steel or Corrosion Resistant Monel® or Stainless Steel with or without Painted Crown. Monel® is a registered trademark of INCO, Co.


ALWAYS verify all wire/cable diameters PRIOR to stapling due to manufacturers varying wire specifications.
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