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3:1 Adhesive Lined Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

3:1 Adhesive lined Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tubes

Description of 3:1 Adhesive Lined Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

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Does your cable terminations not only need insulation but long lasting protection? If so, then this Adhesive Lined Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is the product for the job. The semi-rigid 3 to 1 ratio Heat Shrink is suitable for protecting electrical splices, terminations and joints that require additional sturdiness than standard shrink tubing.

Pre-applied hot melt adhesive is lined on the inside of the heat shrink for water tight sealing to protect against rust or deterioration.

Wall Thickness: up to 5.5mm
Operating Temperature: -55C to +110C
Shrink Temperature: 120C

Please click the "More Information" tab for technical data.

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Features and Benefits

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Excellent 4/8/2014
Reviewed by: Herbert Gomez from Miami.
I will buy all my electrical needs from this vendor. Excellent products.

More Info

 Technical Data
 Operating Temperature
 IEC 216
 -55C to +110C
 Tensile Strength
 ASTM D 2671
 Tensile Strength after aging (158C/168hrs)
 ASTM D 2671
 Longitudinal Shrinkage
 UL 224
 0 to -10%
 Elongation at break after aging (150C/168hrs)
 ASTM D 2671
 Density ASTM D 2671
 Dielectric Strength
 ASTM D 792
 Volume Resistance
 IEC 243
 Eccentricity IEC 93
 Copper Stability
 ASTM D 2671 >30%
 Resistance to stress cracking (50C)
 ASTM D 2671 Pass
 Water Absorption (23C/14days)
 ASTM D No cracking
  ISO 62

 Thermoplastic Adhesive
 Water Absorption
 ISO 62
 Softening Point
 Peel Strength (PE)
 DIN 30672
 Copper Stability
 ASTM D 2671
 Resistance to Fungus and Decay
 ISO 846


Heavy Wall - 3 to 1 ratio, This product will shrink down to 33% of its size

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