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Andersen WaterHog Classic Diamond Entrance Mats

Andersen WaterHog Classic Diamond Mat - Evergreen

Description of Andersen WaterHog Classic Diamond Entrance Mats

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Entrances to commercial and industrial sites tend to be areas of high-traffic, and need to be kept clean from outside debris. The WaterHog Classic and Fashion Diamond Mats from Andersen are built to trap dirt and moisture, and solve this problem. Constructed out of polypropylene fiber, this matting dries quickly, and wont fade or rot from continuous exposure.

Andersen WaterHogs are secured with rubber nubs and come in a diamond design. This makes the classic and fashion entrance mats durable and crush-proof, giving way to a longer lifespan and high performance. Perfect for the inside, out, and especially in front of doors, Andersen WaterHog rubber matting is the best solution for keeping commercial and professional locations clean.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made of a premium 24 oz/sq of anti-static polypropylene fiber system
  • Polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and won't fade or rot
  • Unique construction stores moisture and dirt beneath shoe level
  • "Water Dam" border keeps dirt and moisture off the floor, minimizing slip hazards
  • Made of 20% recycled rubber
  • Rubber reinforced nubs prevent breakdown in high traffic areas, maintaining high performance and product life
  • Anti-static and easy to clean
  • NFSI Certified
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Multiple sizes and lengths up to 60ft long (inquire via email)


More Info

Model Classic
Fiber Type Solution-dyed polypropylene with outstanding light fastness
Weight 24oz per square yard 
(884 grams per square meter)
Nub Height 1/4"
Design Square "waffle" 
Backing Type 100% SBR Rubber
(20% Recycled Content)
Thickness.190" - Nubs
.050" - Between Nubs
.110" - Border
Durometer 60
Tensil1400 PSI 
TestingPasses Flammability Standard

ASTM C 1028-29 Static
Coefficient of Friction. Dry .70

Anti-Static maximum average voltage of 1.6 KV as measured by the AATCC 134 Electrostatic Propensity Test and
meets IBM's minimum standard for
electrical resistance (NFPA99).

Special Size Orders
 SizeSize Approx Inches Price Shipping Weight (lbs) 
 2x23.835x281 497.35 47 
 3x2735x326 583.83 55 
 3x3135x371 670.34 62 
 3x3535x416 756.83 70 
 3x38.535x462 832.50 77 
 3x4235x507 908.18 85 
 3x4635x552 994.67 92 
 3x5035x598 1081.17 100 
 3x53.535x643 1156.87 107 
 3x5735x688 1232.54 115 
 3x6135x733 1319.04 122 
 4x23.845x281 663.03 61 
 4x2745x326 778.34 70 
 4x3145x371 893.65 80 
 4x3545x416 1008.96 89 
 4x38.545x462 1109.86 99 
 4x4245x507 1210.74 109 
 4x4645x552 1326.05 118 
 4x5045x598 1441.35 128 
 4x53.545x643 1542.25 138 
 4x5745x688 1643.15 147 
 4x6145x733 1758.46 157 
 6x23.871x281 994.67 95 
 6x2771x326 1167.66 110 
 6x3171x371 1340.65 125 
 6x3571x416 1513.63 140 
 6x38.571x462 1665.01 156 
 6x4271x507 1816.36 171 
 6x4671x552 1989.35 186 
 6x5071x598 2162.33 202 
 6x53.571x643 2313.71 217 
 6x5771x688 2465.06 232 
 6x6171x733 2638.05 247 

*The following colors are also available for 3 and 4 ft widths:
Light Green
Aqua Marine
Solid Red
Medium Brown

*Mats up to 40ft are standard Cleated Backing and available in Smooth Back on request.
*Mats over 40ft are only available in Smooth Back.
*NO logos are available
*Should not be used in areas exposed to animal fats (kitchens) or petroleum products.
*Not adversely affected by salt or ice melt.


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