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Automatic Wire Stripper with Cable Cutter Hand Tool

Automatic Wire Stripper w/ Cable Cutter Hand Tool

Description of Automatic Wire Stripper with Cable Cutter Hand Tool

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Speed up production by virtually eliminating the guess work because the Automatic Wire Stripper adjusts and strips wire from 1/4" diameter or less in one movement.

When using traditional strippers, you have to know the wire size, then match it to the size noted in the tool, the squeeze, maybe a twist and then a pull to expose the raw wire. The technique can now be a thing of the past when using the automatic wire stripper cutter tool.

  • Comfortable ergonomic handles
  • Built with wire cutter
  • Adjustable tension to accommodate smaller or larger cables
  • Stripping Capacity: up to 8mm, recommended 1/4"
  • Cutting Capacity: up to 8AWG
  • Blade Material: Aluminum die casting
  • Adjustable Wire Strip length

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