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Axil X Edge Mount Power/Data Center

Axil™ X Power and Data Center

Description of Axil X Edge Mount Power/Data Center

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Provide power, data, voice and USB connections to your desk or office while avoiding the hassle of cutting or mounting with the Axil X Power and Data Center. Do you like to listen to music while you work? No problem, this removable desk outlet has models that include an iPod charging dock! Simply clamp the horizontal power/data unit to the side of your desk and enjoy full connectivity to whichever power and data options you have chosen. Convenient and stylish, the Axil X power distribution unit gives your workstation a modern look and unparalleled efficiency.

Available in either a black or white gloss finish, the Axil X PDC by Byrne matches most furnishings and decor. Included is a Voice/Data Adapter Kit allowing the use of any keystone connectors you choose. To make your voice, data or coax connections, jacks/couplers are required and are purchased separately. Our models include either a 72" or 120" UL 962A listed power cord and have waterproof electrical connections (Patent # 7244128B2) that will prevent electrical shock in case of a spill.

Don't waste time altering and cutting apart your desk to mount inferior power/data centers. For a reliable power source and excellent data connectivity with less hassle, clamp an Axil X Power and Data Center to your workstation today and experience the best in convenience.

*For dimensions check the "Specifications" tab below.

Jacks / Couplers are sold separately

USB only transfers power.

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