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BES Cable Tray Fish Rod Kit

BES Cable Tray Fish Rod Kit
BES Cable Tray Fish Rod Kit 

The Cable Tray Fish Rod Kit from B.E.S. is a great addition to any cable installer’s tool set. Designed for fishing cables in all kinds of situations, these push pull rods are made of non-conductive fiberglass and are plastic-coated for your protection, increased durability, and a smooth operation. These little details make the B.E.S. cable rods very useful for demanding wire routing jobs.

Included with a Wisp head that won’t catch onto T-bars, this Cable Tray kit is ideal for pushing and pulling cables through suspended ceilings, but has the standard uses as well. Customizable in length, the fiberglass fishing rods come in 6ft increments but can connect together, making up to 48ft in length—useful for some of the higher cabling tasks. While transporting this B.E.S. Cable Tray Rod kit, you can relax knowing it’s all in a heavy-duty carrying case for maximum guard against damage.

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