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Bentley-Harris ConvoShield AL Chrome Wire Loom

Description of Bentley-Harris ConvoShield AL Chrome Wire Loom

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Not only for show, the Bentley-Harris Convoshield's chrome finish withstand radiant heat up to 1000F without distortion when placed 1 inch away from heat source making it perfect for automotive applications.

This chrome wire loom sleeving is made up of a nylon copolymer base substrate and a highly reflective metal coating, that has been known to provide some degree of static dissipation and RFI shielding.

The convoshield thermal sleeving is designed with a side-entry slit for fast installation on existing connected wires and lines for fast protection and a high tech look.

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Features and Benefits

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The Crowning Touch 2/9/2017
Reviewed by: JOHN G SPECKMAN from Central Texas - Fort Hood Area.
I had just completed a long-range driving light installation on my Ram truck, but the exposed wiring was unsightly. I was looking around for some sort of covering and found this Chrome Wire Loom at Electriduct. To be honest, I was skeptical - a plastic, split-loom that looked like chrome? Well, my skepticism was unfounded. When it arrived, the ConvoShield was all It claimed to be. I covered the wires and now the install is complete. I don't have any longevity data, but appears OK.
Great wire loom 7/14/2015
Reviewed by: Matt from Texas.
Great quality and looks. Highly recommend!!!
Great product 7/30/2014
Reviewed by: Charles Mallard from Hinesville Ga.
Great Product and it added a great appearance to my project. Thank you
chrome wire loom 7/3/2014
Reviewed by: larry anderson from hinesville ga.
nice really loves it

More Info

Heat AgingAged at 170 C for 168 hoursNo damage to product
Cold Bend TestLow temperature flexibility-40C
BH100-003 (ref MS-NA1-7)
Fluid resistance (30 min soak)
Brake Fluid, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel (60 min), Antifreeze Solution, Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Distilled Water, 3% Salt Solution, Washer Fluid
No sign of product degradation or delamination of coating
Heat DistortionOven Aging at 180C for 3 hoursProduct not flat or distorted
FMVSS 302 AutomotiveFlammability TestPass
Applied voltage rate of 500 V/s in dielectric chamberElectrical CondustivityClassied insulative in 12V applications
Exterior SurfaceHighly Reflective Aluminum-
Substrate BaseNylon Copolymer-
Substrate SurfaceThermoplastic Molded Tubing-


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