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Black Box CAT5e Installation Kit

Black Box CAT5e Installation Kit

Description of Black Box CAT5e Installation Kit

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Installing Category 5E Ethernet isnt too tough of a job, and with the right tools it becomes a picnic in the park. The BlackBox Cat5e Installation Kit is a comprehensive set of tools for cutting, stripping, terminating, and testing twisted pair CAT5e network cables. Perfect for contractors and IT technicians, not only are all of these available tools compliant with TIA/EIA component and performance standards, but the kit includes 1000ft of spare cable to use as one wishes from job to job. This means you can complete cable runs or create patch cords if necessary. To protect the tools from damage, a hard case comes with the purchase of the Black Box Cat5e Installation Kit.

For a full list of all of the tools inside this kit, please click the "Specifications" tab. For additional knowledge about the kit, please click the "More Information" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive tool set for cutting, stripping, terminating, and testing twisted pair CAT5e cables
  • Contains 1000ft of cable
  • Includes a hard carrying case
  • Double Diamond Warranty


More Info

1000ft Cable
 ACR (Minimum @ 100m)16.3dB @ 100MHz 
1.4dB @ 200MHz
 Attentuation (Minimum @ 100m)22.0db @ 100MHz
32.4dB @ 200MHz
41.0dB @ 300MHz
44.9dB @ 350MHz
 Cable Type4-pair UTP 
 Capacitance Unbalanced (Max)3300pF/km (Pair to ground) 
 Characteristic Impedance1-350MHz: 100 +/- 15ohms 
 Conductor24AWG, solid, bare copper 
 Conductor Resistance93.8ohm/20C max 
 Delay Skew (Max)1-350MHz: 40nS/100m 
 EL-FEXT (Minimum @ 100m)23.8dB @ 100MHz
17.7dB @ 200MHz
14.2dB @ 300MHz
12.9dB @ 350MHz 
 NEXT (Minimum @ 100m)38.3dB @ 100MHz
33.8dB @ 200MHz
31.2dB @ 300MHz
30.1dB @ 350MHz 
 PS-ACR (Min @ 100m)14.3dB @ 100MHz 
 PS-ELFEXT (Min @ 100m)20.8dB @ 100MHz
14.7dB @ 200MHz
11.2dB @ 300MHz
9.9dB @ 350MHz 
 PS-NEXT (Min @ 100m)36.3db @ 100MHz
31.8dB @ 200MHz
29.2dB @ 300MHz
28.1dB @ 350MHz 
 Return Loss20.1dB @ 100MHz 
 Velocity of Propagation (Min)62.1% @ 350MHz 
 Cable/Crimp TypeTwisted pair and flat satin cable 
 Strip Type/DimensionsStrip lengths can be varied 
 Universal RJ Crimp Tool
 MaterialTool-grade Steel 
 Strip Type/DimensionsCrimp RJ Connections/uses standard dies attached via Allen wrench 
 CAT5E Modular Plugs
 Compatible Cable Diameters24 or 26AWG solid or stranded cable with a diameter of up to 0.225" (5.7mm) 
 Applications10Base-T or 100Base-TX 
 Dimension3.37" x 4.86" x 2.1" 
 TIA568 Test PerformedContinuity
Split Pairs 
 Carrying Case
 Dimensions6"Hx9.5"Wx2.6"D (15.2cm x 24.1cm x 6.6cm) 
 MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene 
 Contents Protected Temperature Range-70F (-18C) to +180F (+82C) 


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