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Industrial Grade PET Braided Sleeving Polyester High Flame Retardant Braided Sleeving Self Closing Braided Wrap Side Entry Cable Wrap Sleeving with Hook and Loop Fastener

Braided Sleeving

If you work with wires, cables or cords -- and we know you do -- you understand that Electriduct is the most trusted name in cable management systems for over 50 years. When it comes to braided sleeving, we literally cover it all. Your cable and wire sleeves are so important, why accept anything less than the best? Electriduct carries all of the most respected brands, from Bentley Harris to Gator to ThermaShield. The best part? We keep the pricing very affordable, because every dollar you save (without sacrificing quality, of course) is another dollar on the profit side of the ledger.

First, choose the type of braided sleeving that you need. Standard sleeving or flame retardant? Fiberglass sleeves or a side entry sleeving style? Electriduct even carries the specialty sleeving you need, like the Chrome expandable braided sleeving and carbon fiber sleeves. We have all the heat shrink tubing you need, plus the spiral wrap sleeving. We even have all the tools you need for your sleeving job, from the hot knife to the shears and installation tools. All engineered to the exacting standards you need to keep your work quality up, and your customers happy.

Electriduct is always 100% committed to ensuring your total satisfaction on every visit to our site. Our easy to use online catalog below is designed to guide you painlessly to the braided sleeving product you need, while the navigation menu on the left side of the page will help you find all of Electriduct's other outstanding cable and cord accessory sections. If you can't find a particular part in our catalog, or need assistance on a customer order, please call us toll-free, at 1-866-673-9590. The widest selection of the parts you need, the lowest prices on those parts, and a dedicated customer service staff. Welcome to get to work!

Standard Sleeving
Standard Sleeving
Flame Retardant
Flame Retardant
Side Entry Sleeving
Side Entry Sleeving
Fiberglass Sleeving
Fiberglass Sleeving
Speciality Sleeving
Specialty Sleeving
Hot Knives - Tools
Hot Knives - Tools
Standard Sleeving  Standard Sleeving

Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving

For added protection, Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving provides a thin, tough skin to your sensitive cables.
from $2.30

Industrial Grade PET Braided Sleeving

from $2.00

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (BLACK)

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving has a variety of uses and can be implemented in practically any application, including wire management, automotive restoration, and even PC modification.
from $2.50

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (COLORS by the Foot)

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving has a variety of uses and can be implemented in practically any application including; wire management, automotive restoration and even PC modification.
from $0.35

Fray Resistant Clean Cut Expandable Braided Sleeving

Fray Resistant Braided sleeving is the ideal solution for covering cords that will endure frequent handling. This unique material can withstand heavy usage with minimal fraying at the ends, unlike standard PET
from $5.50

Industrial Grade Fray Resistant Expandable Braided Sleeving

Free Standard Shipping
Multiple Sizes and Lengths Available
from $5.60

Industrial Grade Nylon Braided Sleeving

from $13.92

Flexo Remix PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

from $6.99

Flexo Noise Reduction Sleeving

A durable sleeving for protection of cables and wires. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
from $29.00

Flexo PET Overexpanded Braided Sleeving

Specialized braided techniques allow sleeving to expand over 200% to slide around oversized plugs or connectors.
from $35.00

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (COLORS by the Spool)

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving has a variety of uses and can be implemented in practically any application including; wire management, automotive restoration and even PC modification.
from $40.00

Flexo PPS Expandable Braided Sleeving

Protecting your high-tech equipment with the right braided sleeving reduces production downtime, increases durability of machinery, and safeguards operators from unwanted accidents.
from $87.50
Flame Retardant  Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

If flame retardance and durability are your primary concerns for your braided sleeving applications, then flame retardant expandable braided sleeving is your perfect solution.
from $3.40

Polyester Flame Retardant Expandable Braided Sleeving

Meets quality and safety standards, this polyester material works great in most environments.
from $7.88

PET High Flame-Retardant Expandable Braided Sleeving

from $9.95

F6 Braided Wrap Around Sleeving (FLAME RETARDANT)

F6 (FLAME RETARDANT) is far more flexible than other types of slit tubing and is also much easier to install, however the most exclusive property of the F6 sleeving is its ability to ‘remember’ its placement.
from $12.50

Pet Wrap Braided Sleeving (Flame Retardant)

(Flame Retardant) PET Wrap is perfect for applications that require multiple wire breakouts or access to specific sections of wiring for rework. It provides the same flexibility and abrasion resistance as the PET Expandable Braided Sleeving but with the added feature of a hook and loop closure running the length of the material
from $4.25

Nomex® Braided Sleeving

High temperature resistant braided sleeving allowing easy installation over long wires.
from $15.51

Flexo Tight Weave Flame Retardant Braided Sleeving

Flame resistant and lighter braided sleeving mostly used in the aviation industry.
from $34.79

Fray Resistant FLAME RETARDANT Expandable Braided Sleeving

PET Fray Resistant Braided (FLAME RETARDANT) sleeving is the ideal solution for covering cords that will endure frequent handling. This unique material can withstand heavy usage with minimal fraying at the ends, unlike standard PET.
from $37.80

Aramid Armor Braided Sleeving

Soft, Lightweight, and Extraordinarily Strong Cable Sleeving
from $85.40

Fire Resistant Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Sleeving

Flame resistant braided sleeving with high quality silicone rubber coating ensures safety in a work environment with hazardous temperatures.
from $146.99

Silica Sleeve

This braided sleeving is designed to protect electric wires and cables from the harmful influence of exhaust systems.
from $154.16

Bentley Harris Expando® FR Plus Braided Sleeving

The Bentley Harris Expando® FR Plus is a flame retardant expandable sleeve designed to protect wires, cables, and hoses.
from $359.00

Bentley Harris Expando HR Plus (Halar) Braided Sleeving

from $850.50

Bentley Harris Expando® 686DM Braided Sleeving

This is the extreme heavy duty expandable sleeve by Bentley Harris called the Expando 686DM, designed as a flame retardant protecting wires, cables, and hoses.
from $905.00
Side Entry Sleeving  Side Entry Sleeving

Hook Self Closing Braided Wrap

Bendable, easy to install and durable, this wrap around sleeving will work for most applications.
from $7.50

Gator Sleeve Braided Wrap Around Sleeving - Electriduct

A tightly woven, super-strong braided wrap-around sleeving.
from $8.60

Wind-IT Side Entry Braided Sleeving - Electriduct

Ultra lightweight PET braided sleeving for great abrasion resistance.
from $9.10

F6 Braided Wrap Around Sleeving

F6 is far more flexible than other types of slit tubing and is also much easier to install, however the most exclusive property of the F6 sleeving is its ability to remember its placement.
from $10.00

Spiral Wrap

The Spiral Wrap comes pre-packaged and pre-cut for your convenience.
from $9.99

Roundit 2000 Woven Wrap-Around Sleeving

Light weight and strong, this wrap protects wires and cables from abrasions and fluids.
from $12.50

Side Entry Cable Wrap Sleeving with Hook & Loop Fastener

Quickly clean up existing loose cables by bundling in one protective braided sleeving wrap.
from $8.25

PET Wrap Braided Sleeving

PET Wrap is perfect for applications that require multiple wire breakouts or access to specific sections of wiring for rework.
from $12.50

Zipper Sleeve Braided Wrap

No more zip ties with cable wraps and dont have to worry about re-running cables, simplify with the Zipper Sleeve
from $6.70

Expandable Braided Zipper Sleeving

from $7.99

Flexi Cable Wrap Cord Organizer - UT Wire

from $9.99

GRIP WRAP Adjustable-Diameter Braided Sleeving

Adjustable braided sleeving with self-sealing system that prevents cuts and abrasions.
from $50.23

Flexo F6 Quiet Noise Reduction Wrap-Around Sleeving

Braided sleeving designed to reduce noise from wires and cables due to vibration and interaction with surrounding objects.
from $64.80

F6 FLAT Braided Wrap Around Sleeving

from $15.99

Dura Wrap Ballistic Nylon Sleeving

Flexo Dura Wrap (DW) is the answer to organizing and controlling wires, cables and hoses that are subjected to constant and extreme use.
from $91.11

Pro-Tec-To® High Density Spiral Wrap

Heavy Duty Protection for Industrial Hoses and Cables
from $144.00

Weld Wrap Braided Sleeve

A high temperature resistant braided sleeving protecting cables and wires from cuts, abrasion, welding sparks and splatter.
from $249.99

Turtle Wrap Denier Cordura FR Neoprene Sleeving

Extremely High Abrasion Resistance
Reusable Design
Resists & Sheds Sparks and Hot Spall
from $91.50

Gator Wrap Extreme Heavy Duty Abrasion Sleeving

Extreme Abrasion Fabric
Reusable Design
Hook & Loop Closure
from $208.80
Fiberglass Sleeving  Fiberglass Sleeving

Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Heat Reflective Sleeving

Protect against radiant heat and aid in the longevity of your hoses and cables.
from $13.44

Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Sleeving - Electriduct

from $23.05

Thermo Armor Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fire Sleeve

from $9.90

Flame Retardant Silicone Flex Glass Braided Sleeving

Sleeving designed to protect cables and wires from cuts, internal abrasion and extremely high temperatures.

Heavy Wall Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeving

Fiber glass sleeve sheathed in a silicone rubber coating.
from $253.80

Volcano Wrap

The extra strong volcano braided sleeving provides protection agains cuts and scratches from surrounding objects.
from $14.30

Acrylic Flex Glass Sleeving

Fiberglass braided sleeving for protection against cuts, structual damage and high temperature.
from $21.81

Acrylic Flex Glass Sleeving - Bulk Spools

Fiberglass braided sleeving for protection against cuts, structual damage and high temperature.
from $37.10

Thermo-Sleeve Heat Shield

A very strong shield against resistant to fires, cuts, oils, and abrasion.
from $14.45

Header Wrap Insultherm

Handles up to 1000°F of continuous heat.
from $29.60

Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Sleeving

Selection of vinyl coated fiberglass protective sleeving ideal for applications that need a snug fit over irregular shapes, or supplemental insulation.
from $33.47

Standard Heat Treated Fiberglass Sleeving

Lightweight, flexible, UL rated braided sleeving protecting agains high temperature .
from $36.80

Fray Resistant (saturated) Fiberglass Sleeving

A standard heat treated fiberglass sleeving offers great fray resistance.
from $39.90

Insultherm UltraFlexx Braided Sleeving

Protects your wiring from blazing temperature and harmful interference with surrounding objects.
from $32.00

Insultherm Fiberglass Braided Sleeving

This heat resistant sleeving protects cables and wires from melting, burning or becoming frail.
from $42.55

Silicone Flex Glass Braided Sleeving

An insulating fiberglass sleeving shielding your cables from cuts, abrasion and hydraulic oils.
from $25.94

Insultherm™ Ultraflexx Pro Flexbile Fiberglass Sleeving

Excellent abrasion and extreme heat resistance are two of many reasons you should protect your cables and wires with our Insultherm Ultraflexx Pro Flexible Fiberglass Sleeving.
from $61.29

Thermashield Tube

The reflective aluminum lamination creates a shield between cables and surrounding objects protecting wiring from extra high temperature.
from $104.99

ThermaShield FLAT (TSA) Aluminum Surface Fiberglass Sheet

Aluminum lamination and braided fiberglass cloth with adhesive on fiberglass side, designed to protect electronics, hoses, and wires in very hot environments.
from $104.00

Silicone Rubber Extruded Fiberglass Sleeving

***Item is currently not available*** Selection of Silicone Rubber Extruded Fiberglass Sleeving ideal for applications that need a snug fit over irregular shapes.
from $193.65

Expandable Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving

Selection of fiberglass protective braided sleeving ideal for applications that need a snug fit over irregular shapes, or supplemental insulation.
from $172.11


Aluminum laminated fiberglass cloth with a 1/2" adhesive strip and one selvage, designed to protect hoses, electronics and wires in extreme hot environments.
from $324.99
Specialty Sleeving  Specialty Sleeving

2:1 Heat Shrinkable Braided Sleeving

Widely used to protect rubber hoses, plastic pipes and wire harnesses from damage.
from $7.30

Tinned Copper Metal / PET Weave Braided Sleeving

from $4.25

Tinned Copper Metal Braided Sleeving

from $15.00

Thermo Armor Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fire Sleeve

from $9.90

304 Stainless Steel Braided Sleeving - Electriduct

This stainless steel braided sleeving is ideal for automotive applications where a custom look is needed.
from $1.49

Stainless Steel Braided Sleeving

Durable, handles high heat, wont rust, and looks great.
from $92.75

Metal Braided Sleeving

Metal Braided Sleeving is the perfect solution to applications that require shielding from EMI (electromagnetic interference) or for cable runs that will be implemented outdoors.
from $2.50

Bare Copper Braided Sleeving - 100% Pure

Perfect for Grounding and Shielding
Suitable for many applications
4 Sizes to choose from
from $19.99

Rodent Resistant Braided Sleeving

from $45.99

Nylon Multifilament Braided Sleeving

Nylon Multifilament is a durable yet flexible sleeving that exhibits extreme resistance to cuts, abrasion, vibration, and even common chemicals found in automotive and marine environments.
from $30.26

Mylar® Expandable Braided Sleeving

Want a highly visable, highly reflective braided sleeving, well this is it.
from $7.50

Kevlar Braided Sleeving

Kevlar sleeving is at the pinnacle of both strength and flexibility.
from $31.35

Chrome XC Expandable Braided Sleeving

Chrome XC is a lightweight and flexible sleeving that provides abrasion resistance and reflective coverage to cables and hoses.
from $7.70

Flexo Chrome Expandable Braided Sleeving

Turn any cable or hose into a high-tech show piece.
from $10.00

Shrinkflex 2:1 Fabric Heat Shrink Tubing

Part heat shrink, part braided sleeving equals total protection.
from $45.00

Flexo PET Tight Weave Braided Sleeving

Very good protection agains abrasion and cutsfor all your cable applications.
from $38.85

Flexo Super Duty Braided Sleeving

Super Duty braided sleeving protects industrial and commercial equipment from abrasion, chemicals and cuts. Prolongs life of cables and wires.
from $46.00

Thermo-Flex Heat Shield

A highly durable heat shield against cuts, abrasion, and blazing temperature. Available in black, blue, red, and silver.
from $15.72

Techlace Braided Nylon Lacing Tape

Braided Nylon cable lacing with great elasticity to make neat cable bundles.
from $13.00

Gorilla Sleeve

Gorilla Sleeve is the ultimate in abrasion resistance, even when used in harsh environments such as on the road or in an industrial setting.
from $46.25

Heavy Wall Heavy Duty Sleeving

Heavy Wall sleeving is ideal for applications which require outstanding abrasion resistance.
from $54.99

Non-Slip Skid Resistant Braided Sleeving

Non-Slip Skid Resistant Braided sleeving is perfect for applications where cords are prevalent in high traffic areas, such as TV studios, public events, and educational environments.
from $55.50

Dura-Flex Braided Sleeving

Durable braided sleeving protecting your cables and wires from severe weather conditions, gasoline and chemicals.
from $61.05

Studio Key Sleeve

Suitable for covering cables and wires in video and film shooting settings.
from $70.60

Halar Expandable Sleeving

With its low out gassing, high temperature resistance, and flame retardancy, the Halar Sleeves can be used in aerospace, military, fiber optic, and construction applications.
from $98.99

RYTON® Expandable Braided Sleeving

Great for areas that will be in contact with chemicals and solvents.
from $99.99

Carbon Fiber Braided Sleeving

A dry carbon fiber braided sleeving for flexibility to fit around hoses, cables, and lines.
from $103.60

Reflex Reflective Sleeving

When applied, Reflex sleeving will provide the safety of visibility to objects up to 675 feet away.
from $105.45

Vectran Braided Sleeving

Extra strong protection agains cuts and friction provided by this high performance multifilament fiber braided sleeving.
from $109.40

Dura-Flex Professional Braided Sleeving

The sleeving with extreme abrasion resistance.
from $121.40

Bentley Harris Expando® PT Plus Braided Sleeving

The Bentley Harris PT Plus expandable braided sleeve protects wires, cables, and hoses.
from $225.00

Techon PFA Expandable Braided Sleeving

Techon (TF) Expandable Sleeving can be used on applications that needs protection against high tempertaure and chemical prone areas.
from $243.60

Flexo Conductive Braided Sleeving

A flexible braided sleeving that shields audio and video cables from electromagnetic and radiofrequency interference.
from $277.00

Flexo Shield Braided Sleeving

Lightweight, flexible, abrasion resistant braided sleeving suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
from $761.53
Hot Knives - Tools  Hot Knives - Tools

Bench Mount Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutter - Electriduct

from $75.00

Electric Hot Knife Cutter for Rope, Sleeving & Foam - Electriduct

Pistol Grip Design
150W Power
2 Blade Options
from $37.99

Side Blade Bench Mount Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutter - Electriduct

from $85.00

Hand Held Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutters - Electriduct

from $69.00

Woven Wrap Around Installation Tool

Stop using your hands and start using this nifty tool.
from $4.95

Economy Kevlar Shears

Ideal for cutting sharp ends on different materials.
from $3.36

Heavy Duty Serrated Edge Scissors

Durable heavy duty scissors equipped with rounded edges for extra safety around delicate materials.
from $10.49

Premium Kevlar Shears

Mechanically engineered to reduce hand tension and ensure comfortable experience for hours during work.
from $65.00

Hand Held Hot Knife

The Hand Held Hot Knife is a great tool for cutting braided sleeves while keeping them from fraying.
from $61.00

Solder-It SolderPRO 120 Multifunction Tool

For Soldering, Heat Gun and Hot Knife.
from $89.99

Bench Mount Hot Knife

The Bench Mount Hot Knife is a great tool to cut and seal braided sleeves.
from $149.99

Heavy Duty Handheld Hot Knife

This handheld hot knife will help you tailor your braided sleeving on all your cable applications.
from $209.30

Compact Hot Knife

Helps you cut braided sleeving to desired lengths easily and quickly.
from $432.20

Heavy Duty Hot Knife

Makes braided sleeving cutting easy and quick.
from $847.60

Spoolmate Wire Cart and Repair Discs

Store and protect your wires in this quick and easy access wire cart!
from $125.00

Braided sleeving is one of the best ways you can cover and protect your wires. Expandable sleeving is used for projects of any size cables, wires, hoses, and connectors. Braided Sleeving is also known as wire sleeving, expandable sleeving, PET sleeving, and Non-fray sleeving.

Among the major brand names for braided sleeving you can find are Bentley Harris, Techflex and Suflex.

There are many types of Sleeving according to use and materials. Some of the most common are listed below.


Some Types of Braided Sleeving:

1. Standard Sleeving: Ideal for general purpose use.

  • PET sleeving can expand up to three times its nominal diameter and has tensile strength while still maintaining extreme flexibility. It features a hook and loop velcro closing system for an easy installation. Usually you may choose between black or colored sleevings. Used for wire management, automotive restoration and even PC modification.
  • Non-fray expandable sleeving can be terminated with regular scissors, and you don't need to worry about unraveling the sleeve. This is an ideal solution for covering cords that will endure frequent handling. You may use this in automotive, industrial and computer applications.

2. Flame Retardant: Recommended to be used in environments where there is danger of potential fires and it is important to protect your wiring.

  • PET Flame Retardant expandable sleeving is used just like its standard sister, but is recommended for electronic and high tech applications because of its flame extinguishing capabilities.
  • Non-fray Flame Retardant sleeving has the same uses and characteristics as the standard version, but the added compound protects against fire by self-extinguishing and reducing flame spread.
  • F6 Flame Retardant Braided Wrap Around Sleeving is flexible and semi rigid. Preferably used in situations that requires cut, abrasion and heat resistance, as well as frequent rearranging and rerunning.
  • Thermashield Wrap is an aluminum laminated fiberglass cloth with an adhesive strip designed to protect hoses, electronics and wires in extreme conditions, and against engine fluids, salt water, and UV light. These sleeves are flexible and easy to install.
  • Bentley- Harris Expando FR Plus braided sleeving is a polyester blend that is flame retardant, expandable, and is designed for environments with extreme temperatures. This expando sleeve protects wires, cables and hoses from chaffing and abrasion while the open weave style eliminates the trapping of heat, humidity, and moisture. Several industries like NASA, the military, and oil refineries use these cable sleeves because of the protection they provide.
  • Bently-Harris Expando 686DM is an extreme heavy duty expandable sleeve designed as a flame retardant open-weave braided sleeve with an unequaled 200C rating that protects wires, cables, and hoses. The expando 686DM is used in a diversity of applications such as marine, electronic, oil refineries, manufacturing, military, space and aeronautic industries.

3. Side Entry: ideal to use in situations were frequent rearranging, re-running, and pre-installed cabling is common. This is the easiest and fastest style braided sleeving to install.

  • Gator Sleeve Wrap Around is a tightly woven, super-strong braided sleeving that provides superior abrasion resistance. Preferred choice by professional users because of its PET mono-filament fibers that offer second to none abrasion resistance.
  • Wind-IT braided sleeving is and ultra-light weight sleeve that wraps around your wires creating an additional protective layer against outside contact.
  • F6 Braided Wrap Around sleeving is more flexible than other types of slit tubing making it a breeze to install. This wrap has an exclusive property which provides it the ability to 'remember' its placement. Use this product where frequent rearranging and rerunnig are common.
  • Round-It 2000 uses a blend of polyester mono-filaments and multi-filaments that protect wires and cables from abrasions and fluids. It is mostly used in aeronautical, marine, electronic, furniture and general manufacturing applications.
  • PET Wrap allows you to work on segments of the cabling, rather than having to remove the entire covering and re-run all of its contents thanks to its hook and loop closure which runs the length of the material. Use the PET Wrap braided sleeving for applications that require multiple wire breakouts or access to specific sections of wiring.
  • Thermashield Wrap uses fiberglass cloth reinforced with aluminum laminate to create an excellent insulation wrap solution for protecting components like wires, electronics, hoses and other sensitive components against extreme radiant heat. Easy to install and can be cut to fit any odd shaped connector or termination, Thermashield is highly resistant to engine fluids, salt water, and UV light.

4.Speciality Sleeving:

  • Heavy Wall is a heavy duty sleeving made with a monofilament that is 50% thicker then regular PET sleeving. Heavy Wall braided sleeving is made to last in situations where cables and hoses must endure constant and continued contact with rough surfaces, making it perfect for outdoor and industrial environments.
  • Halar Expandable sleeving is made of an Ethylene-Chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer monofilament which makes the sleeve extremely tough and durable. It is comparable, but more affordable than Teflon. It is used by NASA for use in space programs.
  • Kevlar braided sleeving is a chemical resistant sleeve that protects your cables or hoses in the most extreme environments. Kevlar has a cloth-like feel with unlimited range of movement, yet it is up to 20 times stronger than steel.
  • Gorilla Sleeve is a heavy duty sleeve that is extremely strong and stiff due to its thick wall construction of flat nylon filaments that offer exceptional tensile strength and unbeatable abrasion resistance, while still maintaining a smooth, clean appearance. Gorilla sleeve is commonly used in automotive and marine applications including installation in heavy machinery.
  • Metal Braided Sleeving constructed out of tin coated copper wire, this helps maintain electrostatic and electromagnetic shielding, as well as helps defend against radio frequency interference (RFI). Metal sleeves are commonly used for shielding cables in order to prevent data loss or signal interference and provides exceptional attenuation over a wide range of frequencies.
  • Non-slip Skid Resistant Sleeving is lightweight, durable sleeve made with a monofilament that is 50% than regular PET sleeving and is designed for smooth floor areas like those found in photo; film and TV studios where cable snakes, high foot traffic and low light create a slipping hazard.
  • Nylon Multifilament braided sleeving is an exceptionally strong sleeve that will hold up in almost any application, plus it resists UV damage and does not rot or retain moisture. It is used for applications under the hood of a vehicle, along the floor, and even outdoors.
  • Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving is manufactured from nylon 6-6 polyamide mono filaments that help reduce the damage to hoses and cables that are creating friction on the inside of the sleeve. Preferred uses are in cable assemblies and automotive applications.
  • Chrome XC Expandable Sleeving provides a tough layer that prevents possible scuffing. It's UV resistant and mildly conductive when used for shielding or insulation. This chrome expandable sleeve gives a sleek and professional appearance to any application.
  • Reflex braided sleeving is a reflective sleeving with a combination of lightweight PET and 3M Ultra Reflective monofilament. The result is a sleeve that is highly reflective and visible, with abrasion and chemical resistance. It is used to add safety to cables, hoses, guy lines, chains, and fences located in low-light environments.

Braided Sleeving Uses:
Depending on the type of sleeving you choose usability may vary. Expandable sleeving has a wide range of uses. Sleeving is mostly used for wire management, automotive restoration, PC modification, insulation, fire protection and other miscellaneous uses.

For specific use, please look at our types of braided sleeving section to find the product that best fits your specific application.

For braided sleeving specifications, abrasion resistance and comparasion charts, please click here!

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