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Bulldog Tough Twist and U-Ground Adapters

U-Ground and Twist Power Cords

Description of Bulldog Tough Twist and U-Ground Adapters

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Prime Bulldog Tough Twist to U-Ground and U-Ground to Twist Adapters are constructed to give industrial personnel and contractors maximum flexibility when arranging portable power needs at construction sites and warehouses. Prime Adapters provide various connector configurations for heavy duty use in harsh environments.

All heavy duty adapters have a primelight indicator light, have a gauge of 12/3, and have nickel-coated brass blades for extreme protection from breakage, corrosion and abuse. The adapters are water resistant, flame retardant, ultra flexible, abrasion resistant, and oil resistant. Adapters can withstand temperatures from -58F to 221F.

This 1ft tough Twist to U-Ground Adapter converts a single 20A, 125-Volt twist-to-lock outlet to a single 15A, 125-Volt U-ground outlet. 2ft Twist to U-Ground Triple Tap Adapter includes three outlets instead of one.

1 ft U-Ground to Twist Adapter does the opposite; converts a single 15A, 125-Volt U-ground outlet into a 20A, 125-Volt twist to lock outlet. 2ft U-Ground to Twist Triple Tap Adapter includes three outlets that converts a single 15A, 125V u-ground outlet to three 20A, 125V u-ground outlets.

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Features and Benefits

  • Water Resistant
  • Flame Retardant
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Flexible Temperature Range (-58F - +221F)
  • Nickel-Coated Brass Blades Resist Corrosion
  • Primelight Indicator Light
  • Oil Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Certifications: cULus or equivalent
  • Wire Type: SJTOW
  • Color: Yellow


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