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ByteBrothers Camera Wizard II CCTV & IP Camera Tester

Camera Wizard 2 CCTV & IP Camera Tester

Description of ByteBrothers Camera Wizard II CCTV & IP Camera Tester

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With the popularity of CCTV and IP Cameras used everywhere, help speed up installation as well as basic testing and maintenance with the Camera Wizard 2 Tester.

The most popular IP test is determining the IP address of a camera. This tool will not only tell you the answer, but it will tell you if the PoE voltage is present.

Also the Camera Wizard 2 can view the video from a CCTV as well as drive the camera and measure the video signal.

For a list of IP and CCTV camera tests, please click the "More Information" tab.

Camera Wizard 2 includes: IP/CCTV Tester, Power supply, Cable test remote, Li-ion battery, BNC cable, RS485 cable (PTZ), 12V camera power cable, Audio cable, Safety Cord, Carrying case/shoulder strap, Instruction manual.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info


  • Discover the cameraís IP address: Scan IP cameras and devices for addresses
  • IP address display: Displays all IP addresses for a given gateway
  • Port flicker: Trace CAT 5/6 cable locations by blinking the portís link LED
  • PING test: Send test packets to websites or IP devices by entering IP address
  • POE tester: Displays PoE voltage
  • POE splitter: Passes through power to IP camera while IP tests are performed
  • CAT5/6 cable tester: Performs a pairs test on CAT5/6 cables
  • Note: IP video image is not displayed on LCD


  • Video image display (CCTV only): 3.5″ LCD superb 960◊240 resolution
  • Video signal level meter: Display peak to peak value
  • PTZ camera controls for numerous camera types (and address scanning)
  • Color bar signal generator
  • RS485/RS422 input and data logging
  • 1 Amp outlet to power CCTV camera
  • 3.5mm audio input. Built in speaker.
  • SD card for recording CCTV movies and images.

More Specifications:

  • Up to 12 hour battery life
  • 4 hour recharge time

PTZ Protocols Supported

Pelco D, Pelco P, YAAN, YAAN-O, YAAN-1 Samsung,
Panasonic, Lilin-FAST, Lilin-MLP2, Molynx,
Minking A01, Fastrax, CBC, LC-NEW,
PEARMAIN, Minking B01, ALEC, DAT-SD, Vicon,
Vcltp, DH-YC06, Sanyo-SSP, Santachi,
Bosch OSRD, TeleEye DM2, HD600, Hikvision,
Kalatel 304, Kalatel ASC, AD 168 (M-B),
AD manchest, Samsung SPD, Siemens, Minking B01, Alec


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