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Byte Brothers Real World Certifier

Byte Brothers Real World Certifier

When looking for test equipment, the ByteBrothers Real World Certifier offers more than your typical LAN and cable testing. It allows you to check if your cable is wired correctly and to determine the speed at which your cable is capable of operating.

Equipped with the ability to perform standard cable tests, this test equipment allows you to determine the type of cable utilized (Cat 3, 5, 5e, 6). It also comes with the ability to perform speed tests on cables, switches, hubs and PCs and the ability to view the results on clear easy-to-read graphs.

The ability to store the readings of 250 tests for later printing makes this Real World Certifier a must have.

Contents included with Real World Certifier(RWC1000K):
  • RWX 1000 Main Unit
  • RWC 1000 Remote Unit
  • Cat5e Patch Cables (2)
  • Protective case (Zippered)
  • Documentation tablet
  • Passed stickers (64)
  • 9V Battery (2)
  • Download the most recent software drivers & spreadsheets (No more DVD)
  • Illustrated Users Manual

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