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TVR 10/100/1000 Lan Tester Tone and Probe - Byte Brothers

TVR 10/100/1000 Lan Tester Tone and Probe - Byte Brothers
TVR 10/100/1000 Test, Verify and Repair Base-T and Gigabit networks, Tone Generator and Probe  

The TVR 10/100/1000 is an easy to use LAN tester that saves time while allowing you to get your LAN working quickly.

The LAN device type is determined by the tone generator unit which executes the majority of the tests without the use of a probe. LAN speed and duplex are displayed on the tone generator by easy to read LED lights. When coupled with the probe, cable locations can be traced audibly by tracking four pairs of tones cables verifying that the three types of Base-T LANs are compatible with it.

With the TVR 10/100/1000 tone generator and probe LAN tester identifying problems that can limit the performance of your 10MB/s, 100MB/s and Gigabit Base-T LANs such as faulty cable connections, PCs and hubs is made easy. If you have a link between two LAN devices, the TVR 10/100/1000 can also go inline between them and find the duplex and final negotiated speed.

This tester is made not only for the LAN installer, but the repair person as well. A plethora of features and the ability to perform multiple tests make the TVR 10/100/1000 an efficient tester that will get your LAN working quickly in no time at all!

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