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ByteBrothers / Triplett Low Voltage Pro Circuit Tester

ByteBrothers Low Voltage Pro

Description of ByteBrothers / Triplett Low Voltage Pro Circuit Tester

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Cable testing has always been an important part of setting up networks, and yet there are plenty of other devices that need a check-up before you can give the green light. Instead of lugging around a whole set of testers, why not just take one? The Low Volvtage Pro from ByteBrothers tests switches, PoE, CCTV, speaker installations and more. In this modern day, equipment for examining the entire family of cables is not only convenient, but part of the job as a whole. All three models of the Low Voltage Pro include the basic cable testing application, and the 2nd and 3rd models have the Length-RLQ App along with several other apps for inspecting multiple devices.

Upon purchasing a Byte brothers LVPro unit, a complete package of components are included to already make the job easier. To figure out which version fits your job needs: list the cable and devices installed, match it with the right LVPro, and if the job ever changes, each model is upgradeable. Speaker and Wall jack ID kits are also available.

For detailed list of features and comparison chart between models, please click the "Specifications" tab.

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