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Altinex Cable-Nook Jr. CNK221 Tabletop Interconnect Box

Altinex Cable-Nook Jr. CNK221 Tabletop Interconnect Box
CNK221 Cable-Nook Jr Interconnect Box  

The compact CNK221 Cable-Nook Jr. interconnect box is designed for installation into a conference room or boardroom table for connecting audio, video, and other sources. A wide range of Insert Plates (CNK-IP), along with power, brackets and grommets are available to customize the base unit.

The CNK221 comes standard with a mounting bezel. One CNK Jr. is installed in one table cutout. If more CNK Jr.’s are needed in a limited space, stackable bezels come in 2, 3, and 4-up options. A single cutout is required for the stackable bezel. The stackable CNK Jr.’s ship with a flat bezel that drops easily in to the bezel.

The Cable-Nook Jr. provides a simple yet effective way of storing or hiding cables, eliminating obstruction.  The cables can remain connected to a presentation system, enabling the user to connect them to different media sources needed for a presentation.  After the presentation, the cables may be returned to the Cable-Nook Jr. for safe storage.

The Tabletop Cable-Nook Jr. Interconnect Box is designed for use with tabletops up to three inches thick.  Optional insert plates (CNK-IP) are available to secure the cable ends or to add connections for a variety of multimedia and power cables and can be found on the related items tab.  The insert plates can be adjusted to fit a variety of cable sizes and the height can be adjusted to suit users needs.

13 slots available for power, retaining brackets, grommets or Altinex CNK-IP Insert Plates.

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