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Surface Raceways
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Corner Raceways
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Raceway Roll
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Special Raceways
Surface Raceways  Surface Raceways

Latching Surface Cable Raceways - Electriduct

Various size options
2 color choices
Accessories available
from $4.99

Small Latching Surface Raceway and Accessories (375 Series)

A nice touch for those single cable applications.
from $1.75

Medium Latching Cable Raceway & Accessories (500 Series)

Perfect choice for 2 to 5 cable set-ups.
from $2.25

Large Latching Cable Raceway & Accessories (1125 Series)

Multiple cables and wires can fit in this large surface raceway.
from $2.75

Extra Large Latching Cable Raceway & Accessories (2100 Series)

When the average size surface raceway is not enough, we have you covered with the Extra Large Wire Raceway.
from $3.25

XX-Large Latching Cable Raceway (2150 & 3200 Series)

The largest PVC surface cable raceway that we know of with a channel size of 3" x 2".
from $17.50

One Piece Latching Cable Raceway (CASE ORDER)

Bulk order of our most popular, high quality surface raceway! Choose between 6 and 8 foot lengths.
from $116.79

Cord Channel Raceway & Accessories

For one cord applications, this surface raceway is the smallest we feature.
from $3.25

Aluminum Metal Surface Cable Raceway - Electriduct

from $14.75

Wire Channel Raceway & Accessories

Two-piece design makes installing loose cables easy before placing on walls.
from $4.95

Decorative Wall Panel Moulding Surface Cable Raceway

Cable raceways with a little more design, paint colors and textures on our latest style moulding to hide cables in fashion.
from $11.95

Latching Surface Cable Raceway Kits - Electriduct

Raceway kit is designed for most on room set-ups.
Color Options.
from $19.99

Latching Raceway KIT - Wire Trak

Perfect starter kit for the do-it-yourselfers. Has everything you need to run simple cable runs.
from $19.99

Locking Channels & Wire Clips

A fast solution to routing and organizing exposed cables going to the phone, computer, printer and more.
from $3.50

Cable Shield Cord Cover - Electriduct

Have a loose cable, or maybe two, either way the Cable Shield is for you! Different sizes availble for use in homes and offices to cover small wire runs, or large size shields for studio's and warehouses with lots of cables.
from $6.40

Aluminum Cord Management Raceway - Hangman Products

from $11.95

2700 Series Low Voltage Surface Raceways - Wiremold

Wiremold's high quality 2700 Series Low Voltage latching raceway will hide a pesky phone cord along a wall.
from $8.25

2800 Series Low Voltage Surface Raceways - Wiremold

Made from UL 94V0 compliant flame-resistant PVC, the 2800 Series Wiremold cable raceway can be configured for any room.
from $11.00

2900 Series Low Voltage Surface Raceways - Wiremold

Wiremold 2900 Series Low Voltage uniduct raceways and accessories offer a functional, attractive and durable way to hide cables in commercial or residential environments
from $17.12

Small 2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways & Accessories (375 Series)

Hide ugly speaker wires and cables with this 2-piece (base and lid) surface wire raceway.
from $10.25

Medium 2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways & Accessories (500 Series)

One of the easiest surface mount raceways to maintain, inserting and removing lose cables is a pop off away.
from $11.65

Large 2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways & Accessories (1125 Series)

Great for entertainment rooms, this large Flex Tab cable duct is paintable to match surrounding decor.
from $13.95

2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways (CASE ORDER)

Bulk cases and longer lengths for the 2 Piece Flex Tab Surface Raceway.
from $206.64

Pan-Way Hinged LDPH Cable Raceways - PANDUIT

The Panduit Pan-Way Hinged LDPH Surface Raceway offers top quality protection to cables and wires used in wire management applications.
from $17.10

Extra Large Surface Cable Raceways - Electriduct

When a standard size cable raceway is not enough.
from $12.71

Wiremold AL2400 Series Aluminum Surface Raceway & Accessories

The aluminum surface raceway by Wiremold protects, conceals and organizes your power cords, wires and data cables.

Wiremold AL2000 Series Aluminum Surface Raceway & Accessories

Add that high-tech look in modern style rooms, industrial and commercial buildings.
from $14.94

Home Theater Wiring Solution

Give your home theater a professional look without being a professional.
from $29.22

Arlington Industries CableWay Cable Support System

from $1.25
Corner Raceways  Corner Raceways

Accessories for Corner Duct Cable Raceway

Used in conjunction with Corner Duct Raceway (Part #:SRCD) to create custom cable runs.
from $2.99

Corner Duct Cable Raceway

An affordable and efficient resolution for concealing cables & wires running between a ceiling and wall or in-between two Walls.
from $7.49

EZ HideWire Wire Duct Raceway

A Quick and Easy Way to Hide Unslightly Wires. Economical raceway which is ideal for a temporary solution to corral your cables and wires .
from $8.48

RowlCrown Classic PVC Crown Molding

*DISCONTINUED* Is this crown molding or a cable raceway? It's actually both, having style and functionality.
from $25.00
Raceway Roll  Raceway Roll

EZ HideWire Wire Duct Raceway

A Quick and Easy Way to Hide Unslightly Wires. Economical raceway which is ideal for a temporary solution to corral your cables and wires .
from $8.48

Cordline 2-Way Cord Channel - UT Wire

from $23.99

Neoprene Cord Channel - UT Wire

A simple way to organize cable runs.
from $14.99

Raceway On-A-Roll™ - Premiere

50 feet of raceway in a box, how convenient is that?! Another low cost option for wire management.
from $36.70

Wire Trak Raceway Roll

Save time, space and money by using the Wire Trak Raceway on a Roll.
from $49.05
Special Raceways  Special Raceways

Picture Perfect 4-Way Adjustable Hangers - Hangman Products

from $13.68

Plastic Flanged Wire Guard

Large cable bundles can be safely routed and protected using our custom wire guard system.
from $7.16

Stainless Steel Wire Guard Surface Raceway - Electriduct

from $9.97

Hook Channel Cable Raceway

Made of sturdy plastic material this simple hook channel cable raceway is a perfect solution for organizing and hiding cables around desks, walls and entertainment systems.
from $8.88

J Channel Surface Raceway

J shape allows for fast insertion and removal of loose cable found around tables and desks.
from $11.50

Flanged Wire Guard

Wire guards are an efficient way of protecting wire contents and concealing them from the elements both indoors & outdoors.
from $7.29

Furniture Anti-Tip Kit - Hangman Products

from $10.99

TV Anti-Tip Safety Kit - Hangman Products

from $19.99

Heavy Duty Mirror & Picture Hangers - Hangman Products

from $7.99

Apartment Wall Saver Picture & Mirror Hangers - Hangman Products

from $8.99

No Stud Speaker Hangers - Hangman Products

No damage and no stud speaker hanging kit.
from $13.59

Speaker Hanging Kit - Hangman Products

from $9.99

No Stud TV Hanger for 26" to 55" - Hangman Products

Wall Mount Flat Screen TV Hanger to work in conjunction with cable raceways for a clean installation.
from $39.95

Simple Mount TV Hanger for 32" to 80" LCD/LED - Hangman Products

from $49.99

Wire Tray Cable Organizer - Viable

from $24.99

Raceways are enclosed channels of metallic (rigid steel or aluminum) or plastic (PVC or HDPE) materials designed to hold, hide, and protect wires and cables you don't want hanging and exposed out on walls or ceilings. Cable Raceways can be installed below the floor, above the ground, along a wall, or dropped from the ceiling. Most wire raceways can be painted for a customized or matching look.

Wire troughs are used to run wires between electrical devices, and provide the ideal solution for organizing cables or wires around your home and office.

Cable Raceways are also known as surface raceways, wire channels, cord channels, conduit, wire troughs, trunking, cable cover, and cable ducts.

Major brand names for cable raceways are Wiremold, Panduit, Hellermann-Tyton, Hubbell, Niedax-Kleinhuis, Thomas & Betts.

Some Types of Plastic Cable Raceways:

1. Latching Raceways: non-metallic raceways perfect for commercial, industrial and residential environments, these rectangular channels come standard with a pre-applied adhesive backing, and offer a wide variety of accessories. They are also called one-piece-latching because one side acts like a hinge while the other side 'clicks' together to form the ideal raceway. Some of the most used latching raceways are 1-piece latching raceways which are functional, affordable and can be used in commercial, industrial and home environments because they are flexible and durable, and are made of flame resistant PVC.

2. Locking Channels and Wire Clips: A fast solution to routing and organizing exposed cables going to the phones, computers, printers and more. Wire channels are made from PVC, come in several dimensions and feature pre-installed adhesive backing which allows for an fast and easy installation.

3. Wire and Cord Channels: each comes with a pre-applied adhesive backing for a complete install. Depending on the diameter of your wire, the channels can be used for single cable applications such as a phone line, or for multiple cords found around televisions and appliances. Channels are made from self- extinguishing PVC and come in sections that are rounded in the outside. Wire channels come in white, but can be painted or stained to match your decor.

4. Wire Guard: An efficient, innovative and cost-effective system made from high impact PVC that protects wires and conceals them from the elements both indoors and outdoors. Ideal alternative for use with electrical and communications wiring and cabling.

5. Corner Duct Cable Raceways: An affordable alternative for concealing cables and wires that run between ceilings and walls or in between two walls. Its triangular form allows the duct to blend into walls and ceiling junctions providing a clean and finished appearance. Another benefit is that its snap on cover allows for easy and speedy installation. Corner Duct can be used as crown molding for home theater applications, comes with a pre-applied adhesive backing, and several accessories are available for a professional look. Ideal solution for applications in commercial, industrial as well as in residential environments since it offers accessories such as fittings, inside and outside corners, and tee reducers making it 100% customizable to your needs. Corner ducts are made of strong, durable, lightweight, UL 94-VO compliant PVC that can be painted with latex so that it can match perfectly with your walls, ceilings and baseboards.

6. Low Voltage Raceways: offer functional, attractive and durable ways to securely hide and route cables in commercial or residential environments. With their unique flip-open design, wire troughs are designed for easy installation and cable access. Ideal to use in schools, hospitals, offices, and home theater applications.

7. J-Channel: The durable plastic construction is long wearing and provides great protection. The self-adhesive backing allows for mounting on furniture, baseboards and walls; while its open top at the top of the channel permits easy installation and access to cables.

8. EZ-Hidewire Raceway: is a special raceway that comes in spools offering you the benefit of allowing you to simply cut with scissors whenever you my need, making it 100% customizable. This makes it a very economical solution to organize your computer, telephone, and other electronic wires and cables both in residential and commercial environments. Since it is made of durable, lightweight polypropylene, the EZ Hidewire can be painted or stained to match your decor.

9. Hinged Raceways: is a low voltage raceway made with flame resistant PVC that is ideal to route and protect cables such as shielded and unshielded twisted pairs, fiber optic, coaxial among others. Because there are many accessories available such as ceiling entries, end caps, 3-way tees, inside corners, outside corners, hinged raceways can be used to accommodate all your needs. Also, since you can paint it with latex, hinged raceways can match your decor and become almost invisible.

10. Raceway On A Roll: is a unique low cost cable management system made of rigid PVC that is used for concealing all types of wires and cables. Like the EZ Hidewire raceway, this rol can be cut with scissors to make each raceway the right length for you., Installation is simple because of the pre-installed adhesive backing and it can always match your color scheme since it is latex paintable.

11. Pan Way Cable Raceways: are non-metallic multi-channel capable raceway ideal to protect, route, and conceal data, voice, video, fiber optic and power cables with a rating of up to 600 volts. A benefit of the multi-channel design is that it allows you to divide cable runs or separate cables according to their types. Pan Way raceways are made from impact resistant material that will not peel or corrode.

Some Types of Metallic Raceways:

1. Pan-Way Metallic Raceways: are raceways that provide maximum flexibility for routing, concealing, and protecting high performance copper, voice, video, fiber-optic and electrical wiring. Pan Way metallic cable raceway provides a full line of accessories that are designed to maintain proper bend radius control, channel capacity and separation in applications requiring both data cabling and power wiring. These raceway systems may be single or mulit-channel.

2. Kleinhuis Industrial Raceways: typically used to route cables around machines, these cable raceways are available in pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, and with or without a power coat finish. An assortment of fittings including 3-way T's, 45° and 90° turns for a complete matching raceway system.

3. T & B Surface Raceways: available in 3 different sizes, these cable raceways are ideal for conductor needs. The Thomas & Betts raceways have many face plates to fit a large variety of power, data and telecom needs. Low voltage separators are also available for voice-data applications.

4. Aluminum Raceways: provide an adaptable solution for just about any application. Because these channels are made of anodized aluminum raceways are suitable for both low voltage wires as well as power cords. Aluminum raceways conceal and protect power and data cables, while allowing you to attach pre-wired receptacles. They offer a full line of fittings that allows the system to be fully customizable. Another benefit of aluminum cable raceways is that they are also available to install single or double gang boxes and plates in both deep wall and shallow/standard wall mounts. Aluminum raceways are ideal to guide telecommunications and power cables close to each workstation n schools, hospitals, offices, and laboratories.

Cable Raceway Uses:

Surface raceways are perfect for commercial, industrial and residential environments. They are used as a fast solution to routing and organizing exposed cables going to the phone, computer, printer and more. Depending on the raceway you choose, you may be able to use them for indoor and outdoor applications, and since you can paint them to what ever color you like, they will blend in to any environment.

Description Channel HxW Length
One-Piece Latching Cable Raceway (by the Case)SR-375-5 (small) 3/4" x 1/2" 5'
One-Piece Latching Cable Raceway (by the Case)SR-500-5 (medium) 1" x 1/2" 5'
One-Piece Latching Cable Raceway (by the Case)SR-1125-5 (large) 1-1/2" x 3/4" 5'
One-Piece Latching Cable Raceway (by the Case)Buy by the CASE and save money..!!

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