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Cable-Safe - The Complete UNDER Desk Cable Manager

Description of Cable-Safe - The Complete UNDER Desk Cable Manager

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On Sale for $24.99, down from $29.99 & this sale ends December 31, 2015!

Found behind every work station in homes and offices is a clutter of wires, cables, power strips and other miscellaneous hardware. This clutter causes cable nests, snags, dust build-up and is susceptible to damage from liquid spills and possible foot traffic. Cable-Safe™ offers a Cable Manager to keep loose components off the ground and tucked away in an organized fashion.

The Cable-Safe™ Complete Cable Manager provides an effective solution for constructing a quick, clean, and structured set-up to find, move, or change hardware. Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping can now be fulfilled without danger to keep your area spotless.

  • Each kit can accommodate a standard workstation (12-14 cables)
  • Kits can be used together for complicated situations (20+ cables).

Click the "More Information" tab to see what each kit comes with.

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy to set-up.
  • Prevents cable nests and electrical hazards.
  • No floor jumble to clean around.

More Info

Each Cable Manager kit includes:

  • 1 DeskClamp™ Assembly (Clamps on surfaces up to 1.5" thick) - Composed of a Clamp Head, Lever, and supporting post. Clamps firmly onto the back of desktop or through cable grommet.
  • 1 CableTrack™ Slides into clips on either side of DeskClamp or can be mounted directly to the wall. Mount CableHooks on upper or lower track.
  • 2 CableHooks™ Snaps into CableTrack to create adjustable width shelf and hooks for hanging cables. Also snaps directly into DeskClamp Assembly.
  • 10 CableStraps™ (on Roll)
  • 4 CableClips™

The Cable-Safe™ Pro Installer Kit includes:
  • 10 DeskClamps™
  • 10 CableTracks™
  • 25 CableHooks™
  • 150 CableStraps™
  • 10 Cable Label Sheets
  • 40 Cable Guides
  • 30 Bungee Straps
  • 10 Alcohol Pads
  • 40 Screws


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