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Cable Ties | Straps  Cable Ties | Straps

Nylon Cable Ties

ULTRA LOW PRICES ~ Nylon Cable Ties handle the toughest Bundling Projects for your Electrical Wiring jobs.
from $0.99

Flexi Ties Cushioned Twist Cable Wraps - UT Wire

from $7.99

High Strength Nylon Cable Ties

from $5.00

Nylon Cable Tie Kits

Strong nylon cable tie kits with multipe colors and lengths.
from $5.99

Wrap N Strap® Cord Organizers

Quick and Easy way to bundle Home, Office and Outdoor cables or wires.
from $6.97

Releasable Cable Ties

General purpose cable ties with a releasable feature.
from $5.99

Q-Knot Cable Ties

from $4.99

Mounted Head Cable Ties

Use one product to secure and mount cable bundles
from $1.75

The Mille-Ties

The next generation in zip ties!
from $9.00

304 Stainless Steel Cable Ties - Electriduct

Stainless steel cable ties are a durable and reliable method of fastening and bundling cables and wiresin outdoor, intdoor, and underground applications!
from $7.95

Extra Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties (175 - 250 lbs)

from $9.75

Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties for Outdoor/Playground

from $14.00

Panduit Cable Ties

Natural colored cable ties for cable bundling.
from $12.47

ACT Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Plastic cable ties with inner aluminum core.
from $19.00

Beaded Cable Ties - Richco

Reusable cable ties for temporary applications.
from $20.46

HellermannTyton® Metal Content Ties

from $25.50

Panduit PAN-TY Nylon 6:6 Clamp Cable Ties

Lockable and reusable zip ties.
from $37.58

Panduit Pan-Alum™ MLT Series Aluminum Cable Ties

Aluminum zip-ties that offer strength and style!
from $66.65

Chrome Cable Ties

from $43.00

ACT 316 Grade Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Durable cable fastening solution for harsh environments.
from $70.41

316 Stainless Steel Cable Ties (100 - 250 lbs)

from $84.50

Smart Band® Nylon Cable Lashing Ties

from $48.66

Panduit Pan-Ty Nylon Clamp Ties - Weather Resistant & Heat Stabilized

Weather resistant zip ties for indoor use.
from $240.22
Velcro / Hook & Loop Wraps  Velcro / Hook & Loop Wraps

Hook and Loop Wrap Fasteners Cable Ties

Size Options
Color Options
Quantity Options
from $2.49

CableCatch Cable Management

Secure your cables up and way with the easy to install CableCatch®
from $3.49

EconoCinch EG Cable Straps

The EconoCinch EG has an integrated brass grommet which allows for permanent surface mounting.
from $2.99

1" Heavy Duty Cinch Strap EG - Rip-Tie

The Heavy Duty Cinch Strap EG is ideal for professional usage and attaches to any surface or rack - up to 10,000 refastening!
from $4.49

Heavy Duty CinchStrap

Ideal for commercial or home use, the Heavy Duty Cinch Strap has a traditional buckle with velcro fastener.
from $3.75

RipWrap Cable Ties

Cost effective and weather resistant, Perforated RipWrap receives rave reviews for its multiple uses.
from $6.95

Cable Carrier 2-1/16" Nylon Swivel Hook

Keep extra cables on your tool belt... just in case!
from $6.49

EconoCatch - Rip-Tie

Adhesive backed wire and cable strap.
from $38.98

2" CinchStrap-EG - Rip-Tie

Two inch thick cable and bundle wrapping, drilled-in for permanent use.
from $53.05

Various Hook and Loop Fasteners - Electriduct

Coins, Squares, Buckles and Strips.
from $4.49

Velcro Style Hook and Loop Tape

For use with most carpets, safely stick and remove cable covers and more.
from $0.65

CableHanger Cable Routing Straps

Say hello to your sensitive data, network and optical fibre cables little friend, the CableHanger.
from $2.95

1" Cable Wrap

Go green by choosing our reusable Cable Wraps – reuse up to 10,000 times guaranteed!
from $4.13

EconoCinch Straps

Economical but tested for over 1,000 refastenings, the Econo Cinch Strap has a buckle fastener.
from $2.99

Mini Rip-Tie Hook and Loop Cable Tie

May be small, but has mighty holding power!
from $5.99

Hook & Loop Wrap - Continuous Roll

Use a little, use a lot, with these Hoop and Loop ties, no job is too big or too small.
from $9.95

Panduit Tak-Ty® Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Using a nylon loop and polyethylene hook, Panduit reusable cable tie helps group loose cables together for better cable management.
from $14.02

Velcro™ Adhesive-Backed Hook and Loop Dots

Hang, secure and organize with these press fasteners!
from $30.20

Plenum Rated Fire Retardant WrapStrap - Rip-Tie

Flame retardant and laminated cable wrapping.
from $35.10

Rip-Tie Lite Plus Hook and Loop Cable Tie

Hook and loop cable ties for small wire bundles.
from $35.95

Rip-Tie EconoWrap

An economical series of cable management products.
from $37.66

CableWrap with Buckle - Rip-Tie

A new design on the Rip-Tie cable wrap, with a buckle installed.
from $48.51

2" Cable Wrap - Rip-Tie

2" wide cable wraps that can hold up to 50lbs or more.
from $50.35
Clips, Hooks & Mounting Bases  Clips, Hooks & Mounting Bases

Millepede Strut Ready Cable Rings

Just twist and snap these cable rings into struts to support cabling.
from $29.99

Millepede Cable Rings

One-handed, reusable cable rings to hang bundles from the ceiling.
from $10.99

Arlington Industries DR Series Drive Rings

Nail-in drive rings for cable installation and routing.
from $10.69

Adhesive Backed Locking Clips

from $2.99

D-Wings Cord Organizer Nail-Free Clips

Award winning design, this mountable clip will help route cords everywhere.
from $4.99

Indoor / Outdoor Elephant Hook Ceiling Hangers - Hangman Products

3 Finishes Available
Works in Drywall & Wood
Supports 20 to 100 lbs
from $4.99

Bear Claw Hanger Double Headed Anchorless Screws - Hangman Products

from $7.49

J-Hook Hangers - Hangman Products

Steel and Stainless Steel Options
Holds up to 20 lbs.
Quantity Choices
from $8.27

Stainless Steel Q-Hangers Outdoor Wire Holder - Hangman Products

from $11.59

Clip-It Strip Magnetic Note and Paper Holders - Hangman Products

Different size options
Holds different types of papers in place.
Attaches to magnetic surfaces.
from $11.99

Adhesive Backed Wire Clips

Adhesive backed cord clips are ideal for routing and holding a variety of types of cables.
from $1.99

Locking Channels & Wire Clips

A fast solution to routing and organizing exposed cables going to the phone, computer, printer and more.
from $3.50

BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips

Ideal little devices to manage your cords and keep your gadgets organized.
from $13.00

BELKIN Cable Clips

Clips for managing your wires and cables.
from $10.87

RichCo Wire Harness Clips

Clips for securing bundles of wire.
from $114.87

Panduit High-Bond Adhesive Backed Cord Clips

Cord clips for bundling wires and keeping them out of the way.
from $154.94

Arlington Industries Steel and Iron Beam Clamps

Cable clamps that hang from beams and can hold up to 600lbs.
from $0.82

Nylon Cable Clamps

Easily mount wires, cable, and hoses with these Cable Clamps.
from $4.49

Locking Adhesive Kwik Klips­®

Just stick and clip with these clever adjustable locking clips.
from $27.60

Richco Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushion

Great for adding and rerouting wires as well as keep them insulated and protected.
from $61.32

RichCo Hinged Locking Clamps

These cable clamps will securely lock in your cables, and can be unlocked any time.
from $114.17

Cable Clamps with Eyelets - Richco

Use Cable Clamps with eyelets to secure your cables and cords in a variety of work space conditions.
from $332.43

3M Innovation Adhesive Hooks and Hangers

Adhesive backed Hooks and Hangers for various uses.
from $2.49

Adhesive Backed Mounting Base

Used along with nylon cable ties, the Adhesive Backed Mounting Base is perfect for securing cables along ceilings, walls, desks, and other structures.
from $3.75

Adhesive Backed Mounting Bases - Electriduct

from $3.98

Panduit Super-Grip™ 4 Way Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mounts

from $73.08

Greenlee 712A100 Bushing for Metal Stud Punch

from $28.75
Cable Tie Guns  Cable Tie Guns

Catamount Light Duty Cable Tie Tool

Extremely simple to use and an economical time saver for small-scale cable tie jobs.
from $17.99

ACT Cable Tie Removal Tool

from $15.26

Manual Stainless Steel Cable Tie Self Tensioning and Cutting Tool - Electriduct

from $49.99

HellermannTyton® Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tension Tool

Manually operated with ergonomic design for applying MBT-series stainless steel cables.
from $658.80

High-Tension Cable Tie Tensioning and Cutoff Tool - HellermannTyton

No more of the "ouch factor" when cable tie tensioning!
from $298.00

Economy Cable Tie Gun

Economically priced option to cut ties up to .19" in width.
from $27.72

Cable Tie Installation Tool - Electriduct

Speed up cable tie applications while saving time and money.
from $14.99

TytonTwyster Cable Tie Tension Tools

Lightweight and ecnomonical with either one cable or two cable tie tension.
from $39.99

Hellermann Tyton® Heavy Duty Cable Tie Installation Tool

Mechanical advantage installation tool designed for heavy duty HVAC tie wrap installations.
from $149.02

PANDUIT Ergonomic Series GTS & GTH Cable Tie Guns and Accessories

Perfect solution to increasing production in low-to-medium volume jobs (up to 50,000 cable ties per year).
from $209.50

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun

from $159.99

Thomas & Betts Ergonomic Ty-Rap Tools

Heavy duty quality cable tie gun enhances ergonomics and comfort in the warehouse and industrial settings.
from $235.00

HellermannTyton® Cable Tie Tension Tool MK9

For high volume cable applications. Adjustable settings tension and cut-off tool for all stainless steel cable ties.
from $412.79

Panduit GS4H Cable Tie Installation Tool

Tension and trimming your cable ties with ease!
from $435.25

Panduit GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool

Fully adjustable controlled tension tool for stainless steel cable tie installation in the warehouse.
from $799.99

Cable ties, wire clips and wraps provide support to electrical products by absorbing the forces of push and pull. It is wise to consider the type of strain relief, maximum diameter and temperature range of what you are trying to bundle together.

So, if you are looking for something to hold a group of cables together for support and ease of maintenance, than you are looking in the right place.

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