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Cable Tray Accessories: Covers & Bottom Plates

Cable Tray Solid Bottom Plate

Description of Cable Tray Accessories: Covers & Bottom Plates

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There are several accessories available for CM10 and CM20 Cable tray Systems. Each accessory has a different use, and by combining them you will be able to create a unique cable tray system ideal for any need. Choose between Yellow, Orange, White, Chrome or Black.

Accessories Available:

Cable Tray Cover: Protects cables from being crushed by items that may fall into the cable trays

Solid Bottom Plate: It provides a flat surface to make installing cables easier, it is lightweight, and works well with CM10, CM20, and ME2 Cable Trays.

Covers and Bottoms can be cut to shorter lengths upon request, but price will be the same.

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Features and Benefits

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*Metal Bottoms Plates can be welded to cable trays for a one piece design.
An up-charge of $2.00 per plate will be added. Call us for details.

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