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Cable Turtle Organizer

Description of Cable Turtle Organizer

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In addition to its attractive and unique design, the Cable Turtle's main purpose is to relieve excess lengths of wires and cables. An overabundance of wires and cables from electrical equipment can quickly create clutter behind desks in homes and offices.

The Cable Turtle cord wrap helps organize and contain those extra feet of wires in order to prevent unsightly cable nests. It is the perfect solution for computer cables, phone cords, television wires, headphones, and more!

How much cable does the Cable Turtle wrap up?

  • Mini wraps up 2.3 Ft (0.7 m) of cable.
  • Small wraps up 3.5 Ft (1 m) of cable.
  • Large wraps up to 16.4 Ft (5 m) of cable.

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Features and Benefits

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Cable Turtles 11/2/2016
Reviewed by: Peter Calvert from London, Ontario.
I needed something to organize my cables so I went online and found Cable Turtles. I purchased 5 mini and 5 small ... used all of the minis and had to order more. They work well and both my wife and I have less clutter!!
Luv My Turtles 9/29/2016
Reviewed by: Ilene from Seattle, WA.
I am always alert to tripping hazards; in my personal & professional life. The Turtles are perfect for alleviating this problem. Easy to use, I highly recommend them for any dangling/on the floor wire problems.
Very useful! 4/13/2014
Reviewed by: Simon from Washington, D.C..
I have received a cable turtle from Amazon and was very pleased, since then I need a few more so I decided to go to the source as they have been very reliable. Very recommended!
Cable Turtle Organizer 3/9/2013
Reviewed by: Mary Devereaux from Ottawa, Ontario.
Great product. Practical and easy to use. Delivery was prompt and efficient.
A better alternative 7/1/2009
Reviewed by: Murray S from New York, NY.
Much neater than Velcro ties. Definitely the way to go.
In love with Turtles! 6/19/2009
Reviewed by: Lisa from Fort Lauderdale, FL.
I love this product (that's a picture of my hair products...)!! Such a simple design but produces great results. Next I'm looking to get the mini size for my iPod headphones! Great buy.

More Info

Mini Turtle: 1-3/4" Diameter - 7/8" Height
Small Turtle: 2-1/2" Diameter - 1-1/4" Height
Large Turtle: 3-1/2" Diameter - 1-3/4" Height


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