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Cantex Enviro-Flex Liquidtight Conduit Coils

Cantex Enviro-Flex Liquidtight Conduit Coil

Description of Cantex Enviro-Flex Liquidtight Conduit Coils

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For electrical applications such as heating and cooling, transformers, power distribution, and the like, a non-metallic conduit is a good solution for handling voltages as high as 600V. The Cantex Enviro-Flex Liquidtight Conduit Coils are made from a circular cross-section of PVC and have reinforcement within the walls to keep it sturdy. The polyvinyl chloride protects wiring from oils, solvents, water, and other outside elements.

Made with a smooth inner bore, feeding wires and cables through the Cantex pvc conduit is easy and simple. The non-metallic material is lightweight, has a greater bending radius, and costs less than metallic cabling channels. Moreover, these flexible raceways can withstand temperatures between 0.4 F to 167F, and are resistant to sunlight.

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Features and Benefits

  • Protects wiring from oils, solvents, water and more
  • Works well in temperatures from 0.4 F (-18C) to 167F (75C)
  • Comes in 100ft increments for orders
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Coils can handle a maximum of 600V
  • Smooth interior for easy wire feeding
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Type B LFNC, non-plenum rated conduit
  • UL 1660 and CSA C22.2 No. 227.2 Listed
  • NEC Article 351



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