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Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cable

Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cable
Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cable  

Performing cable installations for various jobs require the right kind of cable core. For installing wires into circuit boards, musical instruments, and other devices that require flexibility, Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cables would do just fine. Able to transfer data and voice at Gigabit Ethernet speeds, this Category 6 network cable makes use of its stranded core. Each copper conductor encased in this CM rated cord is made up of multiple wire bundles to increase the conductivity of each connector. Stranded wire cores are used for their ability to move during assembly and operation without creating too much stress on the cable.

Applications such as making CPUs, computer accessory parts, and many other small computer components make great use of network cables with stranded wires because they can be used as temporary or permanent installations that can move within the machine, as opposed to solid wire that is rigid and inflexible. Plus, telecommunication implementing high-frequency applications will benefit from the reduced proximity effect caused by Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cables.

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