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CobraCam 2 Accessories

CobraCam 2 Accessories

Description of CobraCam 2 Accessories

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Below is a collection of accessories designed to work with the CobraCam 2. The FlexSnake is a 3ft camera with a 5.5mm head, the smallest in the industry today. Connected to an extremely flexible shaft, the FlexSnake gives the Triplett Cobra Cam further access into tight areas. Additionally, the camera extensions listed can be combined, extending the camera reach up to 100ft. In the case of permanent damage, there are also camera wand replacements available for the Triplett CobraCam 2.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

FlexSnakeReplacement Camera WandsCamera Extensions
Industry's smallest camera - 5.5mm camera headCamera size - 10.2mmCombine cables to extend up to 100ft without sacrificing resolution
Fully adjustable bright LEDs320x240 pixel image
UltraFlex shaft for extreme flexibilityFocal Distance 1"-3"
Worry free waterproof jacketOne year warranty on all replacements
One year warranty


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