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Communication and Power Sphere

A pair of spheres installed in table.

Description of Communication and Power Sphere

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The Communication Power Sphere is ideal to use in libraries, multi-media labs, conference rooms, because it has no moving parts, and its small width (less than 4") makes it unobtrusive. It is easy to install, only requiring a 3" diameter hole

The sphere is sold in halves each half offers 2-ports for either power or voice/data. It comes with a 6', 15A power cord to easily connect to standard power source, and its offset outlets allow the use of bulky power adapters. Jacks are not included.

The Communication Sphere has 2 empty voice/data ports and the Voice/Data Adapter Kit for personalized configuration.

Click the "More Information" tab for Additional Features and Installation Instructions.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

Power Sphere Features:
  • Temporary power centers tap
  • 2 Simplexes
  • 6FT power cord
  • Receives power transformers
  • All power data center products are UL Listed & CSA Certified
  • Soft touch finish and film coating

Communication Sphere Features:
  • Accepts voice/data jacks
  • 1 Voice/Data Adapter Kit is included.
  • Assembly required
  • Soft touch finish and film coating


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