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Cordline 2-Way Cord Channel - UT Wire

Cordline 2-Way Cord Channel - UT Wire
Cordline In Use  

Cordline is one product that can be used in two ways. It can be used as a small-capacity cord channel to conceal and organize smaller grouping of cords and can also be converted into a large-capacity cord channel to hide larger groupings of cords on the wall.

Made from soft rubber that is easy to cut, use a pair of scissors and trim it to the desired length. It’s also paintable to help it blend in even more. Hide the unsightly wall cords from tv’s, wall lighting, phones, speakers… the list goes on!

Dimensions of the product (measurements are approximate):
Method 1
Channel Size: 0.78"W x 0.42"H
Size: 1.45"W x 0.6"H

Method 2
Channel Size: 2.1"W x 0.42"H
Size: 3.2"W x 0.6"H

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Part #: Price: $
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