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Eagle Manufacturing Curb Ramps and Dockplates

Eagle Manufacturing Curb Ramps and Dockplates
Eagle Manufacturing Poly Curb Ramp  

EAGLE Poly Curb Ramps provide a highly efficient way to manually transport heavy loads both up and down a raised surface such as: curbs, stages, steps and other slopes up to 8. Crafted out of High-Density Polyethylene, Eagle polyurethane loading ramps offer a less expensive alternative to aluminum ramps while offering no dangerously sharp edges, wont rust, light weight (9 pounds), and 2 easy to grip handles for easy transportation.

Designed with safety in mind, the Eagle ramp features 1 high side rails, a non-slip loading surface and a bright yellow color to ensure high visibility. These portable ramps are perfect when using dollies, pallets, pallet jacks, hand trucks, wheel carts and other shipping containers of up to 1000 pounds. Eagle Manufacturings ramps are also suitable to use as an: atv ramp, wheelchair ramp, motorcycle ramp, handicap ramp, dock ramp or on a loading dock. With so many diverse uses and applications it is easy to see why Eagle Manufacturing is recognized for making the ultimate loading ramp.

1794 Poly Curb Ramp:

  • Works well with curbs ranging up to 8" in height

1795 Portable Poly Dockplate:

  • Accepts up to 4" height differential capability.
  • Power coated steel legs for extra support.

1795CR Shipping Container:

  • Designed with a hook-rail that attaches to the door-keepers which provides a secure 3-point contact while adding support across the width of the ramp.
  • To prevent ramp from moving during use, a tab inserts into door-keepers.

1796 FIxed Poly Dockplate:

  • Installs to metal and concrete dock facings using installation kit.
  • 6 Foot slide bar for truck centering or out of the way.
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