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Grommets  Grommets

Phone and Fax Grommets

A small grommet for small applications.
from $2.01

Large Plastic Oval Desk Grommet

from $2.99

Edge Grommet Pass-Through

from $5.99

Round Plastic Finish Desk Grommets

Grommets to cover unsightly holes and protect passing cables.
from $10.28

SoftTop Wire and Cable Grommet

from $2.67

Open Snap-In Bushing (A Series)

Finally a grommet that is side entry accessible!
from $2.90

Round & Flexible Desk Grommets

Clean up desk space by feeding wires through these grommets instead! Available in a variety of colors and sizes.
from $2.98

2 Piece Flip-Top Plastic Desk Grommets - Doug Mockett Co.

from $4.15

Large Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets are the ideal solution for rough and sharp edges which can wreak havoc on your wires and cables.
from $4.96

Oval Bottom Desk Grommets

Perfect to tidy up loose cables that run to the top of a desk.
from $2.98

1.57", 2" and 2.5" Metal Desk Grommets

Providing the same functionality of our Desk Grommets, our Metal Desk Grommets provide a more decorative touch to your workstations
from $2.99

2" & 2.375" Plastic Brush Desk Grommets

from $5.50

2-3/8" Two-Piece Metal Cable Grommet

Our only metal base and top grommet for a luxurious look.
from $5.95

Floor Access Grommets

Two-piece durable ABS grommets for cable routing through raised floors.
from $10.28

Double Desk Grommet

Need more passages for your cables, the Double Desk Grommet offers twice the space!
from $13.22

Round Metallic Finish Desk Grommets

Metal hole covers.
from $14.43

Arlington Industries Non-Metallic Wire Bushings

Grommets designed for drywall applications.
from $15.50

Rectangular Metal Table Grommet with Bristles

from $19.98

Middle Atlantic Grommets

Protective Grommets for floor and wall component cabinets.
from $35.00

Panduit Adhesive Lined Grommet Edging

Sticky grommets that can be installed quickly for instant use.
from $40.38

Rubber T-Stem Bumpers

A soft cushioning to prevent damage between two objects.
from $127.00

SBR Recessed Bumpers

Recessed rubber grommets for cushioning items.
from $126.00

Rubber Grommets - Grommet Kits

Rubber Grommets are an economical solution to protect cables running through sharp and coarse passages.
from $420.00
Cord Organizers  Cord Organizers

Pocket Earbud, Earphone, Charger Pouches - UT Wire

from $9.65

Cord Wrap To-Go Reusable Travel Carry Cable Organizer - UT Wire

from $2.69

Speedy Magnetic Cable Wrap - UT Wire

from $6.99

Charger Station Cable Holders - UT Wire

Mount on different surfaces
Easy access for cords.
from $7.99

In-Box Cable Organizer & Charging Station - UT Wire

from $20.99

Pocket for Laptop Accessories & Travel Pouch - UT WIre

from $11.99

WireMate Cord Organizer

WireMate is a simple and hassle free cable and wire management solution it’s the perfect wire management solution for computer workstations, entertainment centers, media rooms and many other applications.
from $19.49
from $16.99

Cable-Safe - The Complete UNDER Desk Cable Manager

For computer stations, work stations, and any other stations that contain multiple electrical cords and devices that need organization.
from $29.99
from $24.99

Cable Turtle Organizer

A unique device used to manage and organize wires, cables and cords.
from $4.99

Locking Channels & Wire Clips

A fast solution to routing and organizing exposed cables going to the phone, computer, printer and more.
from $3.50

Cable Elevator & Flexible Cord Tower

Hold and secure extra long wires and cables around your workstations while giving a stylish look.
from $19.00

Zipper Sleeve Braided Wrap

No more zip ties with cable wraps and dont have to worry about re-running cables, simplify with the Zipper Sleeve
from $6.70

Cable Bin Mini w/ Surge Protector

Made of durable plastic in various colors this mini surge protector helps you organize your cables and makes your desk area stand out.
from $9.99
from $7.50

The Spine Wire Manager

from $4.00

Cable Corral Under Desk Wire Managers

from $24.95

Cord Hog Cable Organizer

If Forbes Magazine likes the Cord Hog, then you will too.
from $5.09

BlueLounge® Sumo™ Desktop Cable Manager

A cable management device designed with two grooves to hold down connectors.
from $10.46

Blue Lounge® CableBox

Hide your unsightly wires in no time at all with the CableBox by Blue Lounge®. Simply place you powerstrip and the connected cords inside the Cable Box and make your cable mess disappear!
from $31.50

Cable Station 2 & Mini Wire Organizers - UT Wire

from $7.99

Wire Tray Cable Organizer - Viable

from $24.99

BlueLounge® CableClips™ Multi-Purpose Cord Wraps

Cord wraps for bundling your cables and freeing the clutter from your desk.
from $10.29

Cable Manager

A simple and reliable cable management rubber coil.
from $8.49

EZWIND Cord Organizer

Tidy-up and straighten out extension cords with this specially designed management tool.
from $5.99

Job Dog BuckReel® Cord and Cable Reel

from $17.10

The Wedgee® Organizer

from $7.25

BAYCO Kord Managers

A lightweight cord organizer in a bright visible orange color.
from $17.13

Coleman Cable Cord Reels

retractable cord reels that provide power extension.
from $167.95

Kendall Howard Wall Mount CPU Bracket

A desk mount for securing and protecting CPUs.
from $44.00

Coleman Cable Cord Wiz

Compact and lightweight retractable cord reels.
from $7.14

Finding the right product to organize your desktop can come with many options to choose from.

Some of our desktop organizers such as grommets, J channels and the wiremate organizers make a great tool for any home or office to organize loose desktop cords and cables. With our grommets, you can choose from rubber or metal with a wide variety of sizes.

The J channel and Wiremate organizers offers reliable assistance with bothersome loose cords. You are sure to find a solution with one of our organizers that will fit your desktop requirements.

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