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Digital Multimeter - DT820D Series

Description of Digital Multimeter - DT820D Series

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DT820 series is a 3.5 digit multimeter that has steady operations, fashionable structure and highly reliable hand-held measuring instrument. The meter can measure DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, Resistance, Frequency, Temperature, Diode, Transistor hFE, and Continuity.

The DT820 comply with EN61010-1 Pollution Degree2; (CAT I 600V & CAT II 300V voltage standard) with double insulation.

UPC: 656403835918

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

DCV: 200mV-500V
ACV: 200V-500V
DCA: 2000uA-10A
OHM: 200-20M
hFE: Yes
Diode Test: Yes
Continuity Buzzer: Yes
Square wave o/p: Yes
Data Hold: Yes
Power Supply: 9V 6F22
Max. Display: 1999
Tester Size: 75 x 130 x 36mm
Product Weight: 150g (including batteries)


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