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Digital VOM / Cable Tester: HY4300

Digital VOM / Cable Tester: HY4300

Description of Digital VOM / Cable Tester: HY4300

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Digital Multimeter & Cable Tester

This multimeter has been designed according to IEC-61010-1 concerning electronic measuring instruments with an over voltage category CAT II 1000V and pollution 2.

This meter is a portable professional measuring instrument with a handsome LCD and back light for easy reading.

Equipped with both an overload protection indicator & a low battery indicator.

Ideal for use in all fields, workshops, schools, hobby & home applications as well.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

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UPC: 656403835949

Temporarily out of stock, now taking pre-orders.

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Features and Benefits

  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Power: 9V 6F22
  • Maximum Display: 1999
  • Display Size: 30*57mm
  • Product Net Weight: 322g (less than 1 lb)

More Info

DCV 200mV-1000mV
ACA 2V-750V
DCA 2mA-20A
ACA 200mA-20A
OHM 200-20m
Cable Tester RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 & USB
Diode Test YES
Continuity Buzzer YES
Transistor Test YES
Back Light Identity YES
Live Wire Identity YES


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