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Drop Overs

Drop Over Cord Covers

No one carries a wider selection of drop over cord covers and drop over cable covers than Electriduct. From lightweight cable covers for home or office to the heavy duty Goliath drop over cable protectors, we carry the protection you need for the cords and cables that power your world. You want high quality? Electriduct carries trusted brands like Eagle, Drop Trak and FastLane, names that are synonymous with top of the line protective equipment.

Electriduct carries the versatile Sidewinder drop over cable protectors, because power doesn't always flow in a straight line. Molded from extremely durable polyethylene with handy T-connectors, they not only offer supreme protection from heavy foot traffic, but reduces tripping hazards, because protection should never come at the cost of safety. We also offer outdoor drop over cord protectors by Eagle, with parking stops and speed bumps that are load-rated for up to 20,000 lbs and provide multiple channels for versatility. Our curb ramps and dock plates make uneven surface loading problems a thing of the past, with non-slip coating and stout enough to handle 1,000 lbs of whatever you need to move.

Drop over cable covers serve a number of purposes, and our 3-channel Guard Dog drop over cable protectors add organization to the list, as it keeps everything separated and safe, regardless of what you have rolling over it. Looking for easy re-usability for multiple job sites? Electriduct carries the Do-Max drop over cable protector that is lightweight and easy to store in the back of your truck. Our medium sized drop over cord covers are manufactured with durable rubber for the flexibility you need and the strength to keep all your important cables, cords and hoses out of harm's way.

No matter what your drop over cable cover need, check out our selection of drop over cable covers and cord covers and choose the best fit for your job.. If you have any questions regarding Electriduct's drop over cord covers, call our toll-free number at 866-673-9590 any time, to speak with one of our professional and friendly tech support experts. We'll make sure you get the drop over cord covers you want and the value you need. At Electriduct, this is our commitment to you!